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Workshops – Outsourcing Trick or Treat

Outsourcing – trick or treat? Getting outsourcing right for both parties

Successful outsourcing is not easy and takes a thorough and detailed approach. Based on involvement in almost 100 outsourcing contracts, Logistics Bureau identifies the keys to success for both parties. This workshop is beneficial not only to those considering outsourcing or re-tendering, but also to 3PLs.

Contents include:

  • Why companies outsource logistics operations
  • The elements that are commonly and not so commonly outsourced
  • Outsourcing trends in Logistics
  • The sellers ‘agenda’
  • The buyers ‘agenda’
  • The outsourcing process, a roadmap for success
  • Getting it right and developing a sustainable win/win relationship

Solid Track Record

  • 26 years of experience
  • 2,000 projects completed
  • 25 countries
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