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Warehouse Webinar Recording

Some of the secrets to lower warehouse cost and improved performance reveal

60 Minute Free Webinar with Mal Walker, Warehouse Expert
Based on real case studies, you’ll learn practical tips you can use in your own business.

On this webinar. We’ll uncover some of the mysteries of warehouse location, design and efficiency for you.

And it’s not really aimed at warehouse managers. We’d be delighted to invite warehouse managers attend, but it’s probably more suited to those who:

  1. Have overall responsibility for the warehousing function.
  2. Are responsible for approving warehouse capital expenditure.
  3. Approve new warehouse leases or purchases.
  4. Are major customers of the warehouse function in the business.

If you have any of these types of issues in your business, you need to come along to this free webinar:

  1. Warehouse costs too high and inefficient.
  2. Lack of Warehouse space and need a bigger warehouse
  3. Need more warehouses.
  4. Demands for more warehouse capital expenditure.

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