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Widget Warehouse Sizing

We hope you find these ‘widget’s of interest and value.

Please note that they are not to be considered as substitutes for full analysis tools, but are provided here as useful tools to get you into the ‘Ball Park’

APR/Selective Racking

Number of Pallets Required to Be Stored:

Number of Racking Levels:

Pallets Per Beam:

Pallet Face Handled by FLT:

Depth of Pallet in Racking:

Aisle Width:


Total Internal Floor Area Required:


Non Storage Operational and Admin:


Storage Area (60% of Total Area):


Ideal Building Dimensions:


High Throughput DC Medium Throughput DC
Frontage of Building With Docks(m)
Depth Of Building



Block Stack

Number of Pallets:


Pallet Width (Face Handled by FLT):

Pallet Length:


Area Required for Storage Function:


Area Required for non-Storage operations and Admin:


Total Warehouse Footprint Area:


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