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Warehouse Performance Health Check

How to Boost Your Warehouse Performance – FAST?

Within 2 weeks we’ll have you on track to improved Warehouse Productivity and Performance!

How efficient is your warehouse operation in terms of productivity, cost and performance? Our warehouse healthcheck will identify improvement opportunities within your warehouse to reduce costs and improve service.  Using your sales history, master data and KPI results, our analytics software will;

  • Determine your ABC Pareto Analysis by volumes issued and order lines processed
  • Assess your Product Availability by ABC class
  • Assess your warehouse Productivity in terms of utilisation and pick rates
  • Assess your Warehouse and Inventory Carrying Costs
  • Assess your warehouse Performance in terms of stock record accuracy and DIFOT.
  • Compare your productivity, costs, and performance measures to Best Practice
  • Tell you what you need to do to realise the significant benefits of optimising your warehouse operations.

Who is it for? Supply Chain Managers looking to understand, benchmark and improve their current warehouse operation.

What you get? A guide to fast track your Warehouse Performance! Customised report assessing your current warehouse operations in terms of cost, utilisation, productivity and performance.

Do you really know how well your warehouse is currently performing? More often than not we find our clients’ have some idea as to how they are performing but don’t have the insight into how they compare with other operations. We have access to a significant number of company KPIs and can conduct a thorough health check on your current cost and performance.

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