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Warehouse Capacity Improvement

is THE must-have resource for warehousing problem.

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Thank you for your time so far in assisting Weston Milling develop a S&OP process for our Australian and New Zealand operations. Your broad industry knowledge, real life experiences and down to earth delivery of specific training courses has been a significant catalyst to successful implementation in our business. All training has been delivered on time and within budget, communication between Weston Milling and yourself has been exceptional. Feedback from training courses has been invaluable in determining individual branches cultural readiness for S&OP implementation.

Greg Friedichs

Supply Chain Manager, Weston Milling

Lots of businesses struggle with overflowing warehouses. But often with a few simple fixes you can gain more space. You’ll see how to gain up to 30% more space.

  • Different storage systems
  • Why product slotting is one of the enablers to improved warehouse productivity
  • Demonstration of warehouse layout comparisons
  • Demonstration of live product slotting
  • Why data will be key to your future improvement
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