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Free Supply Chain and Logistics Webinars


We’re ‘ramping up’ our popular Supply Chain and Logistics webinar schedule with a couple of great topics, so it’s time to check your diaries.

Education (next week) and Transport Optimisation (the week after).


Transport Fleet Optimisation


Transport Fleet Optimisation


This is a major area of opportunity I see amongst our Consulting clients.  And indeed for many of our clients we ‘do it’ for them.

Do what you might well ask?

Picture this.  You have a delivery fleet of 10 or more vehicles.  They might be owned or contracted.  And these vehicles do daily deliveries to all your customers. Maybe each delivery route drops orders at multiple customers all over the City/Country.


Now think about all the things that can impact the efficiency of that delivery fleet.

  • Truck size and space utilisation
  • Driver working hours
  • Multiple or single shifts
  • Customer opening hours, or preferred delivery times
  • Traffic density and speeds

These are just a few of the things that impact fleet efficiency.  So how do you ‘schedule’ all those deliveries into a sensible allocation of orders to vehicles?  The aim being of course, to minimise the time and distance of the delivery fleet, and hence save costs.

It’s often very hard to do.  I’ve seen companies use whiteboards and spreadsheets or the old fashioned ‘slat’ system.

These days of course, technology lends a hand.  And that’s what we do for many of our clients.  We ‘schedule’ their fleets for them.  Usually just a periodic ‘check’ to make sure the delivery routes still make sense in the light of changing demand.  But also in cases where warehouses / depots might need to change location.  This can have a huge impact of deliver costs.


So on this webinar we’ll cover off two main things:

  1. What causes delivery costs to be too high.
  2. And how to avoid those high costs.

And we’ll demonstrate how we model our client’s delivery fleets using some really clever technology.  And how this can often lead to transport savings of up to 15%.

Well worth joining us I’d say!

The webinar is on 5th July – Details and Registration here:

If you missed the date, check the link anyway as you may find we have a recording available.


Supply Chain Education


Supply Chain Education Webinar


This second topic is a real passion of mine.  Whilst my main business is management consulting, what we all really get a kick out of here at Logistics Bureau is helping people.   Helping people and businesses to be more successful, whatever that means for them.  And that’s what we do within Logistics Bureau Consulting.

But of course that gives us a vast insight into ‘capability’ across many industries and countries. And the thing that I’ve noticed over the last 20 years or so, is that many of the Supply Chain capability or ‘knowledge’ gaps that I come across are very common, easily fixed, and have a huge impact when they are fixed.   A little knowledge, of the right type, can go a long way to boosting individual, team and organisational performance.

So in this webinar I’ll share with you some of the common knowledge gaps to look out for and the impact they cause. It might give you some good ideas for your team. And I’ll also introduce our highly successful Supply Chain Leaders Academy, now in its 4th year, because that is the easiest way I know to fill those knowledge gaps.  It’s a fast track knowledge booster!

And maybe if you come along to the webinar, I can come up some ‘specials’ for those who are keen to join?   We have a couple of spare places….

That webinar is 29th June – Details and Registration here:

If you missed the date, check the link anyway as you may find we have a recording available.


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