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Time to Serve

Need Help Optimising Your Time to Serve?

Time equals money—it’s a well worn, but important truism if you’re involved in the supply chain game. There are so many ways for example, in which time to serve can be costly to your operation.

At Logistics Bureau, we get you on the right side of the “time equals money” equation, by reducing your supply chain “time to serve”.

We specialise in supply time optimisation, helping your company to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary cost
  • Raise supply chain throughput
  • Increase operational responsiveness
  • Improve customer service.


How Time to Serve is Handicapping Your Supply Chain

Costs and revenues: If your supply chain or logistics operation carries even small lead time excesses, you’re losing money where you could instead be driving value and profit. It’s not always easy though, to spot the causes of delays in:

  • Time to product development
  • Time to source
  • Time to deliver
  • Time to react

Risk and Uncertainty: Excessive time to serve, wherever it lies, adds risk and uncertainty to your supply chain. A very close look at your operation might reveal opportunities to improve:

  • Supplier lead time
  • Replenishment lead time
  • Service lead time
  • Customer lead time

Since time to serve contributes directly to supply chain uncertainty, these lead times deserve nothing less than a healthy dose of compression—and we can help you deliver it.


Put The Squeeze on Your Time to Serve

Logistics Bureau can help purge wasted supply time from your operation with our specialised projects targeting time to serve. Our consultants analyse your company’s time to serve, identify areas for improvement, and prioritise them by importance in terms of the opportunities presented.

Ready to learn more? Contact Logistics Bureau now for a free, no-obligation assessment of your supply chain lead times and the opportunities for improvement


Reducing Time to Serve: Our Approach

At Logistics Bureau, we’ve developed a methodology for understanding time to serve and its influential factors.

We dive deeply into your supply chain cycles and answer the questions which matter most:

  • What is your overall time to serve?
  • Do your lead times meet customer expectations?
  • Do you really need to reduce time to serve?
  • How can supply chain cycle and lead times be addressed?
  • How will time to serve reductions influence costs, revenues and profits?
  • What are the barriers to overcome in cutting your time to serve?

With those questions answered, we’ll work with you to prioritise opportunities and develop plans to capitalise on them. We can then assist you to execute those plans and to measure progress towards agreed targets.


Tangible Benefits of our Time to Serve Approach Include:

  • Strengthened service propositions
  • Reduced supply chain risk and variability
  • Operating cost reductions
  • Working capital improvements
  • Improved profit margins
  • Improved cash flow


Our Time to Serve Objectives

We target a variety of objectives as part of a supply time reduction project. Specific goals will depend on the needs of your organisation, but our objectives typically include:

  • Meeting reduction targets in supplier, service, manufacture and customer lead time
  • Eliminating process steps which add time and expense
  • Implementing steps which save time and add value
  • Reducing/eliminating supply chain hand-offs
  • Attaining buffer inventory reduction targets

Let Logistics Bureau show you how and where supply time is limiting your operational performance. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation time to serve assessment.



Solid Track Record

  • 23 years of experience
  • 1,600 projects completed
  • 25 countries

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