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We made it to 16 Million!

Our Next Target is 17 Million giving impacts

At Logistics Bureau we believe people and organisations deserve better outcomes.


One key way we deliver on our principals is through our B1G1 partnership. Since we began as a Business Partner of the B1G1 Giving Program in 2012, we have impacted the lives of Millions of people around the world.

We are proud to say that with the support of our clients and industry colleagues we have made it to this amazing milestone!

Look further down this page for the latest figure.

All charitable gifts are made at Logistics Bureau’s expense. They are not ‘added to’ client invoices. But it is our clients’ patronage that allows us to do this. So thank you.

B1G1 Corporate Giving Program

Help us reach our next target of 17 MILLION positive impacts around the world!

How? With a simple mouse click, that’s how!

You Can Help

Just interact with us in some way on the Logistics Bureau Website, using your favourite social media tool.

On any page, just LIKE, SHARE, RETWEET or GOOGLE+, and for each interaction on any page on this site, we’ll give fresh water to a person in Ethiopia, or maybe sight saving vitamins to a child along with many other worthy causes here in Australia and around the World. Don’t go mad. Just once on any page you like is fine!

We’ll keep a running tally below.  (And Now below that Tally, at the bottom of this page, YOU can give directly too!) Thanks a Million for your continued support!

A World of Corporate Giving

 Just click on the map below to see the various worthy causes that we support around the World.

For further information about our B1G1 Giving Program, check out these links:

Thank you for win-win-win - Corporate Giving Program
Logistics Bureau Corporate Donations - Playgrounds at school are kids magnet
Contact Rob O'Byrne
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Rob O’Byrne
Email or +61 417 417 307

Logistics Bureau Sustainability

You can read here about how we double carbon offset all our flights.

It might give you some ideas for your own organisation.  

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