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Logistics Bureau is 19 years old this Month and we’re celebrating by giving presents!


Hmmm…This could get expensive, but here goes   🙂


Logistics Bureau Birthday Gift


You probably already know that here at Logistics Bureau, and all of our other ‘Brands’ we like to integrate giving to worthy causes as part of our everyday business activity.

We do this day to day for everyone who receives our email Bulletins, buys our books, likes our Blogs, engages with our consultants and attends our Academy. You see, a proportion of our revenue goes to a whole range of great causes around the World.

And with the help of this broad Logistics Bureau ‘family’ we’re well on our way to the next milestone of 3 million giving ‘impacts’.

You can check out our progress here:

As it’s our Birthday, we’re sending out ‘giving’ related ‘thank you’ gifts to all our industry colleagues,  clients and the broader Logistics Bureau ‘family’.


Watch your inbox!


Check your inbox


If for some reason you’re not on our ‘list’ my profuse apologies.  I try to make sure our list is regularly updated.  But we can fix that in a minute…(see below)

Here at our Head Office we’re giving too, in line with the ‘19’ theme.  We’re adding some of our favourite projects:

  • IT and literacy skills training for 19 kids in remote Aboriginal communities
  • Planting 19 trees in the Daintree Rainforest
  • Providing education for 19 kids in a remote community in Cambodia
  • Planting 19 trees in Indonesia expanding the habitat for Orangutans
  • Distributing sight saving Vitamins to 19,000 kids in Africa


We like Trees, and Kids, and Education and Animals, and lots of other great worthy causes.

Logistics Bureau Causes

We’ll share some more of those with you at Christmas….


So thanks again for being part of the Logistics Bureau ‘family’.


Thank You


And if for some reason you haven’t joined the family, and would like to.  Please do! The easiest way is to jump onto this link.

This way you’ll be kept up to date with all our free events, webinars, handy Bulletins and of course updates on our giving progress.  OK, and the occasional ‘gift’ like those above.

And if you’re quick, I’ll make sure our team send you out one of our 19th Birthday Gifts by email too 🙂   That will help us get closer to our next ‘giving’ milestone!

Business is Fun and Great and Rewarding

But Giving is Good too…..


Contact Rob O'Byrne
Best Regards,
Rob O’Byrne
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 417 417 307


About The Author:   Rob O’Byrne founded the Logistics Bureau Group in 1997. which has now expanded to provide consulting, performance Benchmarking and Education services.   He even established his own Supply Chain Leaders Academy in 2012 to follow his passion for education.

Through the Buy One Give One ‘Business for Good’ Program Logistics Bureau supports a broad range of worthy causes Globally.


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