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Leading Supply Chain Consultants

in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia

Helping busy and frustrated Senior Executives boost supply chain and business performance, to achieve the costs and service they seek

The team of experts at Logistics Bureau assists companies to determine whether Supply Chain, Logistics, Warehouse or Transport Outsourcing is an appropriate strategy and if required, provides specialist support through to implementation.

Logistics Bureau’s consultants do not have commercial relationships with any service providers and so we provide a totally objective and unbiased approach.

Who Trust Us
  • ACE Perdis
  • A&L Windows and Doors
  • AAP
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Abbvie
  • Abey Australia
  • Air Liquide Australia
  • Adidas
  • Access Info Mgmt
  • ACCO
  • Acco Brands
  • ACF
  • ACG
  • Adbri
  • ADI
  • ADRT
  • AEI
  • AGR Cyanide
  • Air New Zealand
  • Alcon Laboratories
  • ALDI
  • Albi Imports
  • Allied Pinnacle
  • ALM
Consulting Services

Supply Chain Strategy

  • Business Rationalisation (M&A)
  • Channel Strategy
  • Regional Planning
  • Supply Chain Synchronisation
  • Supply Chain Strategy Alignment
  • Private Equity – Due Diligence

Supply Chain Execution

  • Project Management
  • Change Management

Supply Chain Tactics

  • Business integration
  • Outsource / Insource / Offshore / Onshore
  • Asset Deployment
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Retailer / Supplier Alignment
  • Customer Service and CPFR
  • International Supply Chain Services
  • Transport Contract Negotiation Services
  • Transport Fleet – Ownership Options

Supply Chain Operations

  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Design and Layout
  • Distribution Centre Process Improvement
  • Transport Fleet – Management and Design
  • Integration / Contract Implementation
  • Technology Implementation

Supply Chain Optimisation

  • Cost to Serve
  • Time to Serve
  • Distribution Network Design
  • Supply Chain Mapping
  • Functional Audits
  • Equipment Lease Audit
  • Customer Contribution Analysis
  • Supply Chain Audit
  • Procurement Services
  • Benchmarking Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Freight, Inventory, Warehouse Benchmarkers
  • Transport Fleet – Routing and Scheduling


  • Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Analysis

Market Research Services

  • Market Research Services

Other Related Services

  • Expert Witness
  • Conference & Seminar Speakers
  • Supply Chain Consultants
  • Supply Chain Webinars

Supply Chain Training and Education

  • Supply Chain Leaders Academy
  • Supply Chain Leaders Insights Conference
  • Beer Game Simulation
  • Supply Chain Training and Workshop
  • Supply Chain Books
  • Supply Chain Education Online Program
  • Free Supply Chain and Logistics Seminars
  • Supply Chain Showcase
Logistics Bureau’s Senior People
Logistics Bureau’s success is built around the experience, motivation and expertise of its team. Whether in South East Asia or Australasia, Logistics Bureau’s consultants and management team members are dedicated to delivering results quickly, efficiently, on time and on budget. The following key staff head our Operations and lead a team of over 35 Supply Chain professionals.

Rob O’Byrne

Owner and Group CEO

Rob’s passion is helping people and businesses improve performance.

David Riddle

Deputy Group CEO

David joined Logistics Bureau in 2001 and had 9 years operational experience in the Finance Sector in the UK prior to moving to Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions
The number one question in your mind, particularly if you are new to working with management consultants like us, is probably this.

Will I get real value for the fees I am paying?

I am happy to personally assure you that at Logistics Bureau, you will! On most of our consulting assignments you can expect a payback within less that 6 months. That is why we have loyal customers many of whom have been with us since the day we started the business in July 1997.

Feel free to contact me directly (Rob O’Byrne) on +61 (417) 417 307 or Email.

Here are the answers to some other questions you might have:

  1. How do you charge for your services?
    These can be on a fixed fee basis, or on an agreed daily rate basis. Some of our existing customers prefer the daily rate, particularly for projects such as implementation support, when they want flexibility in the amount of days provided by our consultants. But the majority of our work is based on an agreed fixed fee, for an agreed scope of work and outcome.
  2. How do you establish the level of fees?
    Our fees are based purely on the resources required to undertake the work, and to deliver the agreed outcomes. Careful project scoping and planning is carried out with our customers prior to submitting a proposal. In this way, we can ensure that both parties expectations are clear. Detailed project planning then takes place to establish time lines and resource requirements. All of this is carried out at our own cost. We prefer to progress through 2 or 3 iterations of a proposal if necessary, to ensure we get it right.

    We take great care in our project planning and pricing, because we guarantee the results!

  3. I have not heard of Logistics Bureau before. How do you source new business?
    Our marketing effort is very low key. The reason being, that 65% of our business is repeat business with existing customers. A further 30% of new business is sourced via referrals from existing customers. The remainder is in bound enquiries.

    If you are new to working with Logistics Bureau, a referral from one of our existing clients is always a great way to fast track the introductions and meet us, to see if we are a good fit for you, and you are a good fit for us,


Thank you for your time so far in assisting Weston Milling develop a S&OP process for our Australian and New Zealand operations. Your broad industry knowledge, real life experiences and down to earth delivery of specific training courses has been a significant catalyst to successful implementation in our business. All training has been delivered on time and within budget, communication between Weston Milling and yourself has been exceptional. Feedback from training courses has been invaluable in determining individual branches cultural readiness for S&OP implementation.

Greg Friedichs

Supply Chain Manager, Weston Milling

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