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Welcome to the ‘Clinical Trials’ Information Page

How does this sound?


Supply Chain Clinical Trials

You Receive:

  1. A summary Supply Chain performance report.
  2. Half a day of lively interactive engagement delving into the real opportunities in your Supply Chain.
  3. Absolute clarity on what really matters, and what your key Supply Chain priorities need to be.
  4. A roadmap document outlining the key actions and likely benefits for your Supply Chain.


I Receive:

  1. Live feedback on this new service.
  2. Your input into how it could be made even better.


You invest:

  1. Half a day of your time with a few of your senior staff.
  2. A minimal amount of time assembling some key business metrics.
  3. 30 mins on the phone with me, planning an in-house workshop for your organisation.
  4. 1 hour with me reviewing the outcomes.


I invest:

  1. My team to review your metrics and provide a summary report.
  2. Half a day planning your in-house workshop.
  3. Half a day facilitating your in-house workshop.
  4. A 1 hour debrief session with you in your office.


Why the Free Trial?

This in-house workshop is part of our new ‘Supply Chain Forum’ service that aims to raise your Supply Chain performance in terms of cost and service.

The full Supply Chain Forum service includes a range of key executive interviews and site visits. But the most powerful element is the half day in-house workshop.

It’s this workshop that I now want to fine tune before offering the full service to the market.

So our ‘Clinical Trials’ will be offered to only 5 organisations, so that we can pressure test the process with a range of organisation types and industries. Applying organisations will be selected to provide an appropriate cross section.

Once the Supply Chain Forum is made available to the market, the likely cost of the service will be $17,000.

But for organisations who wish to participate in the trial, this will be zero cost.



Then you need to contact me by close of Business Friday 6th December 2013. The steps from there will be:

  • Fri 6th Dec 2013, interest must be lodged by email or phone.
  • We’ll arrange a brief chat on the phone.
  • I’ll send you a very short application form.
  • Thu 12th Dec 2013, application forms must be submitted to me directly.
  • I’ll review the applications to assess the most suitable mix of organisations for the trial.
  • Mon 16th Dec, I’ll notify all applicants of the selection results.
  • I’ll then contact those participating in the trial to discuss suitable dates and preparation.

Trials will need to take place during Jan and Feb 2014.

For more details just contact me directly…


Please note I am based in Sydney Australia.  Whilst I am happy to conduct these trials in other States and Countries, this may only be possible if I have existing plans to travel to your location/city.  Otherwise I may need to request that your organisation reimburses travel costs.



Contact Rob O'Byrne
Best Regards,
Rob O’Byrne
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 417 417 307
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