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You want to boost the knowledge and confidence of your Supply Chain and Logistics staff, so that they can not only deliver improved value to the business, but enhance their career opportunities and future value too.

It can be frustrating to be managing an operation with a team that lacks vital skills sets. It’s not their fault of course. It’s just how it is these days when most businesses are trying to do more with less. And it doesn’t help when additional priorities hit, that you and your team don’t have the experience to handle.

Since we started our consulting business, we have always recognised the need to ensure that skills transfer and knowledge sharing takes place on all client assignments. It’s critical to ensure that beneficial change is long lasting.

Knowledge Boosting Programs

Over the years we have also developed a range of tailored knowledge boosting programs to match our client’s needs. These are not traditional ‘training’ programs but are specifically designed to impart the right knowledge effectively and quickly.

Those that we have found most effective are:

Coaching. This can be 1 on 1 or group coaching to assist you and your team to overcome a specific challenge in the business. You do the work, but we guide you along the way.

Training. A range of tailored training programs designed to meet your requirements that are often focussed on topics such as:

  1. Supply Chain 101. Very effective for non-Supply Chain people who need to appreciate the role of Supply Chain.
  2. Supply Chain Planning. Using interactive tools like the ‘Beer Game’ these programs introduce participants to the dynamics of Supply Chain management and in particular the role of Sales & Operations Planning.
  3. Inventory Management. Particularly in MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) type businesses, it’s essential that managers understand how inventory management is impacted by and can impact, service and cost.

Online Education. We also have a well-established online Supply Chain Education program, that covers Supply Chain end to end and includes elements such as eClasses, eBooks, videos and guides. This is offered at almost cost price as we realise the benefit it can deliver.

Available here:

If you would like to discuss your specific coaching, training or education needs

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