Supply Chain Surveys

To supplement our existing research we will be running regular surveys to gain insights into a broad range of Business and Supply Chain issues.

These survey results will appear on this website, will be presented at Logistics Bureau events, and will be emailed directly to those who participate.

The surveys will be short, (2 minutes of your time), and will be a valuable resource for us all.

Current Surveys

No surveys are running currently.

Closed Surveys

  • Survey Feb 2009 – Supply Chain Strategy Development

    Supply chain strategies often fail to deliver the expected results. Why? Because they were doomed to failure from the start. An objective and holistic approach can underpin success.

    Please tell us about the success (or not) of your company’s supply chain strategies.

    Participation in this survey should only take 2 minutes.

  • Survey Nov 2008 – Financial Crisis – Impacts on Your Supply Chain?

    The rapid changes to the economies in the regions we operate in are skewing the thinking on supply chain design and management. The Financial Crisis and its effect on available credit, the cost of fuel and the advent of carbon trading as a means of reducing emissions are some of the changes we will need to manage and, in the best of worlds, profit from.

    Our Benchmarking will also be affected as cost inputs vary and previously viable networks become less cost efficient.

    There is a need therefore to rapidly understand, the thinking and attitudes of the logistics fraternity to these changes, and the impacts we can expect from them.

    In-depth analysis of the survey results and commentary will be available on this site, and emailed to the participants within 5 days of the close of a survey.

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