Supply Chain Strategy Made Simple

Supply Chain Strategy Made Simple + 5 Easy DIY Performance Tips It’s really tragic, but 61% of Supply Chains do NOT have a formal strategy in place!
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There is some disturbing news on the horizon for the economy in Australia. I’d like to share that with you and show you how to rise above it. I recently spent time with Harry S Dent, the renowned futurist and economist, who predicted the GFC. If only some of his predications for Australia come true, we’re in for a rough ride. But those who are prepared; will actually thrive. Do you want to get 2014 off to a great start? Without a clear Supply Chain strategy that’s well understood across the business, this is what you get:

  1. Excessive costs
  2. Poor customer service
  3. Lots of fire fighting
  4. Conflicting priorities
  5. And lots of stress!
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The good news is, that it’s easy to fix. And you can do it yourself. I’ll show you how to focus on the right things, for any tough times we have ahead.

PLUS: I’ll also be using case studies to demonstrate 5 easy DIY techniques that you can use right now to improve your Supply Chain performance. Just come along to this free 2 hour seminar and I’ll show you how to easily develop or refine a Supply Chain strategy that will see your customer service improve and costs fall. We’ll look at John’s case study and many others too. Through these examples you’ll see how easy it is to achieve these results yourself. We’ll concentrate on getting the right focus, setting priorities as well as getting buy in and support from senior management. The info graphic below gives you an idea of the concepts that we’ll be getting into in more detail. But…

Places are limited due to venue capacity so if you want to come along, register now. You must be registered to secure a seat. Just pop your details in the yellow form. For those outside Sydney and Melbourne, by all means send a link to this page to your colleagues in those cities or we can even send them their own invitation if you put their details in the referral form below. This new format will pack more information into a shorter time frame to give you even more value for giving up your time to come along. And as always, there will be some valuable ‘goodies’ to take away with you.

Event Locations

Wed 19th Feb 2014 – Chifley Hotel Eastern Creek, Peter Brock Dr, Eastern Creek NSW 2766, ample parking at venue and street.
Thu 20th Feb 2014 – North Sydney Harbourview Hotel, 17 Blue St, North Sydney NSW 2060, some parking on site and 150 m from North Sydney station and Greenwood Plaza parking.
Thu 27th Feb 2014 – Hotel Bruce County, 445 Blackburn Road, Mt Waverley, Melbourne, Victoria 3149.


7:20 am: Registration opens. Tea, coffee and a snack on arrival.
7:45 am: Doors open.
7:55 am: Event starts.
10:00 am: Morning tea Q&A and discussions.
10:30 am: Event Closes. Free gifts for guests.
Q&A can continue for those who want to hang on longer.

Supply Chain Strategy Made Simple

Come and Join Your Industry Colleagues

Thousands of senior executives every year enjoy these events. The information is great and so is the Networking. But register quickly because WE WILL book out. Tea and Coffee when you arrive to get you fuelled up and tea, coffee and cakes at ‘half time’ to keep the energy levels going. To gain these valuable tips that can save your business Millions, make sure you get to this event. Places are limited and many have already been taken by our Gold class clients and Supply Chain School members who know how good these events are.

Logistics Bureau Events

Your Seminar Host

Rob O’Byrne. Rob is the founder, owner and Group Managing Director of Logistics Bureau. The Group comprises, Logistics Bureau, Logistics Bureau Asia, Benchmarking Success and Supply Chain School. Rob has been working, teaching and consulting in Supply chain and logistics since he was 17. (Apart from a brief spell as a Nuclear Rocket Engineer). Your hosts promise you a morning of great information sharing in a thought provoking and fun environment.

Look what previous guests have said about these events:

“What you did was simply terrific”
“I thought your work was brilliant”
“There is always something to learn at your events, and today was no exception”
“I can tell you that your presentation ranked up there with anything I have seen anywhere — eg USA logistics convention”.
“A complex issue, explained in simple terms, that even I could understand”
“Once again, you hit the nail right on the head, and I learnt some valuable tips”
“Really enjoyed the Outsourcing role play yesterday in the Four Seasons”
“Excellent, great fun and I really learnt a lot too”!

Does this Training Event suit you? Here are some guidelines…

Whilst our seminars are not aimed at ‘experts’ in Supply Chain and Logistics, many with 20+ years of experience, do regularly attend to fill in specific knowledge gaps and for the great networking. Those who regularly attend work in:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Distribution Managers
  • Logistics Managers
  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Production Planning
  • Procurement/ Purchasing /Sourcing
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • IT

And we always seem to attract some more senior executives too, such as:

  • CEOs
  • MDs
  • GMs

I think it helps them understand more what their teams should be doing!


Are these events really free?
– Yes they are. At some venues you might need to pay for car parking, but we try to ensure that even that is free for you.
Will I learn anything useful?
– Absolutely you will! The information we share is tried and tested and based on our work with hundreds of consulting clients across 22 countries, since 1997
Will the information apply to my industry?
– 99% of it Yes! Because much of the information is based on the work we conduct with our consulting clients, it covers most industries.
What type of people attend?
– Quite simply, people who want to improve their own operations, their knowledge and their careers.
What level of people attend?
– Our guests range from Warehouse supervisors, Customer Service managers to General Managers. Everyone is welcome. A few Finance and Marketing Directors sneak in too!
Is the event aimed at just selling your services?
– No! The purpose of these events is to share knowledge with our guests. So you’ll have 2 hours of solid useful information.
How long have you been running these events?
– I think we started back in 1999. And we’ve run them ever since. Not just in Australia but across SE Asia as well. Thousands of people register for these events every year.
Will I get a chance to do some networking?
– Yes you will. In fact we insist that you do and provide a simple mechanism to ensure you do.
Why do you run these events?
– Quite simply we really enjoy sharing the knowledge we have gained and enjoy helping people achieve success. It’s what we are passionate about and what drives us. Once you have been to one of our events you’ll ‘get it’.
Can I bring a colleague?
– Yes of course you can. We just ask that you use the refer a friend link. This way we make sure we follow all the anti-spam rules and that your colleagues actually register themselves. Some organisations book 5-6 pages. That’s OK, but be quick!
How many people attend each event?
– That very much depends on how many events we run in each ‘series’ and also the availability of suitable rooms at the venues. In regional areas we run events that are more ‘cosy’ and might just have 20-30 guests. In the major cities we might have 80-100 guests. So booking is essential to secure your seat. I think our largest event so far was 300 guests.

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