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Rob O’Byrne talks to Scott Taylor of Exact Security about Supply Chain Security issues.

“Rob O’Byrne talks to Scott Taylor of Exact Security about Supply Chain Security issues.

Rob: Now one of the things that people often forget about in the supply chain is security. Really doesn’t get in our thought in most businesses. Hi this is Rob O’Byrne from the Logistics Bureau and I’ve managed to grab an expert in Supply Chain Security. This is Scott from the Exact Security, so thanks for coming and talk to us today.

Scott: Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Rob: Now we probably should explain that this background behind us, we’re gonna tell them where we are. We’re actually an event in Ken’z and I actually just heard that Scott give a presentation on security. I though it was great and could he just come and share some thoughts with us and maybe you could tell us the top sort of 3 things that people need to think about in terms of security in the supply chain.

Scott: Yeah I think in regards to supply chain security, probably the number one top thing would be about for mapping the supply chain. Mapping ensures your identifying all notes in your supply chain, upstream and downstream. I think that’s very much overlooked by a lot of business and much you’ve handled that mapping and identify those notes, the second one would be to identify the key risks relevant to each of those notes. Much would identify the risks of receiving the organization can make and educated decision in regards to risks capital.

Rob: Without sort of breaching security or you know breaching client confidentiality, you got couple of examples of you know security issues that you know really just not you’re flat and I thought wow how could they let that happen?

Scott: Yeah I definitely, I suppose some of the more popular ones are people aware is after the Japanese earthquake and even September 11. You’ve got businesses that didn’t have, I suppose, tight supply chains, didn’t have any contingencies for some of the single source supplies, as a result of that lucky you can make the businesses actioned. So I definitely think the part of that planning process, the mapping process is crucial. Probably the other key one is that for some organization they do handle some planning they don’t get our representation in there supply chain risk team from various departments so you find it just a security or just procurement and each department has its own unique risks so I think that’s it that’s the very important aspect as well.

Rob: And what sorts of companies do you work with Scott? What sort of companies do you help?

Scott: I’ve already come with this everything from some premises like license premises through to a variety of corporates breweries like distilling companies through to a food manufacturing so lucky I have a very wide range.

Rob: I mean this wasn’t wanna be an adverb or anything what sort of services do you actually provide in a security point of view.

Scott: Sure, so basically exact security provide everything from the over rushing lucky your planning as you said lack identifying the companies unique risks and helping with the schedule identifying the risk got the tight putting measures in the place but also the ground level services the provision of electronic security services CCTV, or other active patrol and also the guarding.

Rob: Okay, Thanks for sharing those thoughts Scott and you know really think it is an area of supply chain that people just don’t focus on enough and you know it’s something that certainly a lot of companies that I deal with don’t put an attention to so certainly your presence I assume was really interesting in you know some great tips.

Scott: Thank you, I think that’s an easy I suppose opportunity that there could be good clearer return on investment lucky of you doing these and at the end of the day its protecting company’s most important asset their reputation so thanks very much Rob.

Rob: Thanks Scott thanks for your time.”

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