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Supply Chain Secrets

“If You’re Struggling to Get a Comprehensive Understanding of Supply Chains… Then this may be the most important thing you ever read!”

– A message from Rob O’Byrne

Supply Chain Secrets

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were discussing a certain topic with a colleague and realised that:

  1. You knew little about the topic
  2. You didn’t understand some of the terminology being used
  3. You felt uncomfortable & out of your depth
  4. Your future depended on you gaining more knowledge of this topic

Or maybe you’re a manager in a Supply Chain role and some of your staff need additional training and knowledge?

Not training that is overly theoretical, but practical training based on the experience of those who have worked across multiple Supply chains and multiple industries.

Then ‘Our Supply Chain Secrets’ may be just what you need.

This training is delivered online, in easy to digest weekly packages, and it’s focussed on the things that really matter, such as:

7 Ways to Supercharge the Supply Chain Network Design
Asia Consolidation Offshore Sourcing
Benchmarking Performance Optimising Inventory, ABC, Pareto, Customer Segmentation
Chain of Responsibility Outsourcing Approaches
Cost reduction targets Outsourcing Concepts
Cost to Serve Prioritising…
CPFR Procurement
Customer service policy, write, set up, impact Purchasing
Process Improvement S&OP Intro
Demand Planning, Software SCM Accounting, Measurement
Business case preparation Slotting
Equipment Hire Supply Chain Strategy
Finance for Supply Chain Supply & Demand relationships
FMS/TMS Terminology
Freight Rates & Structures Terminology & Jargon
Getting a better Supply Chain job Training & Qualifications
HR, Hiring, Firing, Labour Hire Transport Modes
Inventory management Transport Outsourcing
Jobs in Supply Chain Types of Supply Chain
KPIs Warehouse Contracts
Logistics Risks, Insurance, Marine Cover Warehouse Design & layout
Main SCM IT Systems Warehouse Operations
Managing Staff Warehouse Outsourcing
Materials Handling Options Which associations to join – networking
Negotiation WMS
Network Concepts  
Supply Chain Information

Hop on over to Supply Chain Secrets for a closer look

Best Regards,

Rob O’Byrne
Owner and CEO


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