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Stocks Running Low…

This Supply Chain book has been so popular, that Dymocks bookstore stock is running low.  So we’re organising another print run soon.  But some stock still remains.

There are two options to secure this book:


Hard Copy

Your local Dymocks Bookstore will have a copy for you, or

Supply Chain E book


Supply Chain Ebooks

This can be purchased on line and comes with a range of additional bonus downloads: Supply Chain Secrets

This was actually my first book that started off the whole series.  For those who want to take a step up in their understanding of Supply Chain management, this book is really valuable.

 There are contributions from many of my subject matter experts at Logistics Bureau and chapters cover the following topics:

  • Chapter 1 Supply Chain Strategy – Making it Real
  • Chapter 2 Customer Service – It All Starts Here
  • Chapter 3 Supply Chain Network Design – Understanding the critical bookends
  • Chapter 4 Is there a Doctor in the Warehouse? There Should Be!
  • Chapter 5 Transport – The Four Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make When Buying Transport Services.
  • Chapter 6 Inventory Blow Outs – How to Avoid Them
  • Chapter 7 Successful Outsourcing – Why, How, Who?
  • Chapter 8 Supply Chain Cost to Serve
  • Chapter 9 Measuring Performance – The Right Way.
  • Chapter 10 7 Ways to Supercharge Your Supply Chain – A Summary of Key Areas to Target


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