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12 months in planning. Input from 30 specialists. And a lot of passion.

Supply Chain School Launch

Finally it’s here!

Supply Chain School will launch and be available for applications on 22 October 2012 with the first School of 2013 now set for 12/13 March.

The brain child of Rob O’Byrne Group Managing Director of Logistics Bureau, Supply Chain School will be an exciting development in our industry.

O’Byrne remarked: There’s an obvious training and education gap within the Supply Chain and Logistics industry. Whilst there are numerous outstanding education establishments offering a wide range of programmes, no one is sharing the real ‘secrets’ of Supply Chain Management. So I thought it was about time we drew back the veil and shared everything we know.

Supply Chain School is aimed at those wanting to fast track their learning, through an accelerated coaching programme in a dynamic group environment. Whilst some of the basics of Supply Chain Management will certainly be covered, the real value of Supply Chain School will be in building members knowledge and understanding of what happens in the ‘real world’.

O’Byrne added; Members will be coached in all the insights, tips and secrets that take years to learn, based on:

  • My own 35+ years in Supply Chain
  • The experience of my 30 specialists
  • Other guest experts
  • Celebrity industry speakers
  • Our experience of over 1,200 client assignments
  • Our experience of working in 23 countries (at the last count)

Supply Chain School is a relaxed, but energy packed learning environment with a focus on building knowledge, understanding and skills sharing. It is an ideal environment for those looking to:

  1. Fast track their careers
  2. Accelerate their industry understanding
  3. Boost their value in the market
  4. Network and share with like minded highly motivated individuals

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