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Well at first they didn’t mind. But after a while they started coming up with suggestions for a new name.

You see, when I established Supply Chain School in late 2012, we expected it to appeal mainly to those very new to the Supply Chain industry. So Supply Chain School was really appropriate. But after a year or so I started getting pushback 🙁 From the members.

You have a degree in Supply Chain, why are you going back to School“? one member was asked by her Manager back at work. And I was getting lots of similar feedback.

What had happened you see, was that the Supply Chain School actually proved most popular with people who were already qualified in Supply Chain (or aligned disciplines) and even had many years experience in the industry. Not what I had expected at all. This was because of the material that we cover of course. Certainly not ‘basic’ Supply Chain by any stretchy of the imagination.

So we changed the name. Six months ago. To… Supply Chain Leaders Academy


Supply Chain Leaders Academy Logo 1


This name now reflects much better what the program is all about and who joins it.

Do you know, that some of those members who joined us in late 2012 for a 12 month membership…are still with us. I guess we must be doing something right!


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