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Supply Chain School Australia Membership

Why join Supply Chain School?

Why do members of Supply Chain School ‘rave’ about it?

Why do their employers think the School is so good?

Why are major industry employers ‘rotating’ their key team members through Supply Chain School?

What makes Supply Chain School so different to ‘other’ Education programs?

Well, I think it’s about time we shared one of the best kept secrets in Supply Chain Education ever provided in Australia (and soon in other countries too).

And we’re going to do just that during a webinar to be held on 15th December 2014. Webinar Registration Here: Supply Chain Knowledge Booster

In the Webinar I’ll be explaining the whole concept of Supply Chain School and we’ll take a sneak peak at what goes on ‘behind closed doors’.
For anyone who wants to boost the Supply Chain knowledge and performance of their team members or personally, you won’t want to miss this.


The Launch

Supply Chain School was a bit of an ‘experiment’ that I launched in November 2012, with our first ‘live’ School taking place in March 2013.

When I say ‘experiment’ it sounds rather a ‘hit and miss’ affair, but as anyone who knows me well would attest, I rarely undertake anything that is likely to be a miss!  Though I have to admit to being a little nervous at the closing stages of our very first School when I asked for member feedback….  (Which was awesome)

Our first live School kicked off with 28 members, many of whom are still with us 2 years later.  They just don’t want to leave this unique learning and sharing environment.

Of course that membership has grown steadily over the last 2 years with our next November School being the largest turn out yet.   Some of those original founding members went on to form the nucleus of our Platinum members program, that is also growing, and is designed as an advanced program for those who have already been members for 12 months.


So What Makes it Different?

I’ve been to plenty of different education and training programs over the years.  I have to say, most of them did not really manage to ‘engage’ me that well.  But there again I’ve always been an impatient student and one who tends to want the ‘good stuff’ without the fluff….

Well, that’s what Supply Chain School is all about.  Serving up the good stuff without the ‘fluff’.  The stuff that can make all the difference in personal and organisational performance.   The stuff that is generally not taught anywhere, but can only be learnt on the job through decades of hard won experience…

So in essence what supply Chain school delivers to members, is 30+ years of Supply Chain tips and tricks, served up on a plate.

And the knowledge is served up by some of the most prominent and successful industry leaders across Australia and New Zealand!  No, it’s not all about Rob O’Byrne strutting his stuff.  Far from it. In fact I normally only present one topic at each School and sometimes none at all, resorting to just being the MC, because we have such an incredible pool of presenters and facilitators wanting to share their knowledge with our members.


Who is it Aimed at?

A good question. Supply Chain School is ideal for anyone remotely engaged in Supply Chain and Logistics activities.  At any level of the organisation. At any level of experience.  We have members who are quite new to the industry and members with 20+ years of experience.

We have Warehouse Supervisors and Supply Chain Managers.  And we have High School graduates to PhD graduates!  And guess what?  They all learn.  They all engage. They all make strong connections.  And they all love it….  (we have a bit of a Secret Sauce to make sure of it)


What’s Included in Membership

I’ll answer all of this and any other questions you have during the Webinar.

But I think you’ll be staggered at what’s included.  Live Schools, online training, books, videos, coaching calls……and lots lots more.


OK, What’s it Cost?

A very good question.  And you would be amazed that membership of Supply Chain School’s 12 month program can cost as little as a cup of coffee a day…

But to find out more, you’ll need to join us on the Free Webinar.

Just register here: Supply Chain Leaders Academy Webinar
I look forwarding to showing what goes on behind those ‘closed doors’. And in particular. I’ll be sharing:

  • The Supply Chain School concept and how it delivers an ‘accelerated’ knowledge transfer
  • The $50,000+problems that members are encouraged to ‘fix’ for their organisations
  • Why traditional training and education programs leave critical gaps
  • Why Supply Chain School perfectly complements prior education and experience, even if you have a PhD or 20 years in the industry!
  • Knowledge areas that provide the greatest benefit to member’s careers and organisations
  • Who attends Supply Chain School and why?
  • Why Supply Chain School suits anyone remotely involved in Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Gaining access to Supply Chain School for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee a day!


Contact Rob O'Byrne
Best Regards,
Rob O’Byrne
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 417 417 307
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