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Watch this space!

I’m going to start publishing our webinar topics at least 6 months out, so that you have a chance to register early and also you can see what’s coming up.

These are the topics I’m planning, so please comment below if you would like other topics added to the list.

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Cost to Serve (27 Oct 2015)


Cost to Serve


If you are new to the topic this will be a good foundation with some case study examples.

Registration here: Cost to Serve Webinar


Warehousing (17 Dec 2015)


Warehousing Webinar


Once again our resident warehousing expert Mal Walker will be sharing his tips on improving warehouse performance.

Details and registration are right here: Warehousing Webinar


Fleet Optimisation


Fleet Optimisation Webinar


This will be a foundation in the benefits to be gained from optimising truck delivery routes.  If you have never been involved in it you’ll be amazed at what the results can be.  We’ll also show you the tools that we use here at Logistics Bureau.

Details and registration coming soon.


Logistics Outsourcing


Logistics Outsourcing Webinar


This will be a review of the tips and tricks of Outsourcing, highlighting what can go wrong if you are not careful, along with some handy templates for success.


Transport Contract Negotiation


Transport Contract Negotiation


Traps for young players will be the theme here.  We’ll show you how contracts are structured and costed and what to look out for.


Warehouse Performance Improvement


Warehouse Performance Improvement


You’ll be surprised at some of the easy to fix things that go wrong in warehouse operations!  Lots of great tips that you can apply.


Managing Your Suppliers

Supplier Management


Still an area where most organisations can make huge improvement.  And No it’s not all about negotiating the price!


What other topics would you like us to include?

Just comment below.


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