We have an online coaching coming soon!

If you are someone who consistently seeks knowledge about Supply Chain and Logistics, then this is perfect for you.

We will be discussing a lot of topics.

Help us decide what will be the first by picking the topic you are most interested in through the list below.


Advance Your Career with Supply Chain and Logistics Coaching


If you are interested in elevating your skills in supply chain and logistics, watch this video and get the full information about the coaching session.



Logistics Bureau, for many years has provided online events, face to face events and so on for the industry. We haven’t done it for a while and I was starting to feel really guilty about it. So, this week, we’re doing something different by starting online coaching sessions. These sessions will be 20-30 minutes long, monthly, and free of sales pitches. They’ll be deep dives into specific supply chain topics, followed by a Q&A if time permits.

We’re starting in about six weeks, and we want you to pick the first topic.


Here are the options:


1. Easy Ways to Improve Warehouse Capacity and Productivity
2. Common Misunderstandings with Freight Rates
3. Why 10% of Your Customer Orders Lose Money and How to Fix It
4. How to Boost Delivery Performance and Reduce Costs
5. Why Your Distribution Network Could Be Costing You More Than It Should
6. Top 3PL Outsourcing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
7. Making Sense of Your Inventory Profile to Reduce Working Capital


Comment with the number of the topic you’d like from 1-7 or suggest another one.


To join, you need to register at logisticsbureau.com/events.


Don’t forget to get your invitations. It’ll probably run on zoom or go to webinar or one of those platforms. Please don’t register other people because we’re very into not spamming people and things like that. If you want your colleagues to be able to join these sessions as well, send them the link. Ask them to do their own registration. We just need to be above board about all of these sorts of things.  If these sessions are successful, we’ll continue them monthly.



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