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Want to be BEST IN CLASS? Start with “Where Am I Now?”

Identify and Fix the Profit Leaks in Your Supply Chain with the help of our Supply Chain Benchmarking Consultants.

Companies that Trust Us


The Four Steps of Successful Benchmarking


Identify the elements of your logistics operation that have the highest impact on performance.


Research your competitors, peers, or companies in other industries with similar supply-chain characteristics.


Match your research results to KPIs that actually make sense for YOUR business.


Use the benchmarking results and KPIs to determine your performance in comparison with the norms in your industry.

Better Customer Service Reduces Logistics Costs!

Logistics is a critical enabler of customer service. Customer expectations have never been higher and they continue to rise.

It may seem counterintuitive, but our research consistently shows that companies with best-in-class logistics performance operate at significantly lower costs than their peers.

If you want to achieve best-in-class status you need to begin by fully understanding how far you are from the best-in-class bar, and the only way to do that is through logistics benchmarking.

A great place to start is by chatting with our supply chain & logistics benchmarking consultants located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Bangkok and Vietnam today.

Our supply chain & logistics benchmarking consulting assignments have ranged across the world and include countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Fiji, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States & Vietnam.

To learn more about benchmarking your Logistics and Distribution Network…

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Gathering Data is The Key

In order to benchmark you supply chain and distribution network you’ll need comprehensive data about your business’ peers and competitors.

Unfortunately, companies are usually reluctant to share their performance data so it’s a real challenge to know which facets of the supply chain to analyse and which key performance indicators to benchmark so that you can answer the following questions:

  • How well are my competitors are responding to rising customer service expectations?
  • Which of my peers are most successful?
  • What are they doing right?
  • What are they doing wrong?
  • Am I close to best in class, far from it or somewhere inbetween?

Answering these questions will tell you where cost saving and provit boosting improvement can be made.

We’ve Already Done the Work!

We’ve benchmarked more than 1,000 Supply Chains.

You can embark on a benchmarking project, by following the four steps outlined above:

  1. Identify the elements of your logistics operation that have the highest impact on performance.
  2. Research your competitors, peers, or companies in other industries with similar supply-chain characteristics.
  3. Try to match your research results to KPIs that actually make sense for YOUR business.
  4. Use the benchmarking results and KPIs to determine your performance in comparison with the norms in your industry.

OR …

We can Plug your Supply Chain into our Database of Supply Chains and Benchmark it for You.

Here’s what to expect when we benchmark your Supply Chain for you:

  • Gain visibility of your supply chain’s performance against a vast database of peers and relevant companies, in your commercial sector and others
  • Develop specific – not generic – key performance indicators to track and manage logistics performance in your business
  • Connect with benchmarking peer groups for information sharing and to discuss ideas and best practices
  • Access our vast pool of cost and performance benchmark KPIs
  • Receive periodic online snapshots of your logistics performance, benchmarked against a global array of companies in your industry or with similar supply chain characteristics

Our benchmarking service portfolio is comprehensive, ranging from specific advice and guidance, all the way up to in-depth, end-to-end benchmarking audits, performed by our specialised Supply Chain benchmarking consultants in collaboration with your team.

Supply Chain Benchmarking

If you want to know more about how we could benchmark your supply chain and provide you with a detailed picture of what is and isn’t performing so that you can identify where to take action to cut costs and increase profits…

Click below to chat with one of our logistics benchmarking consultants today!

Supply Chain Benchmarking Case Studies

FMCG Supply Chain Improvement – White Goods and Electronics
A major brand in the white goods/electronics category asked us to help identify and quantify the potential for supply chain improvements.

We performed an end-to-end benchmarking audit, selecting a comparative group of 21 companies, with supply chains similar to that of the client, from the 1,000+ enterprises in our database.

Project Results

  • Our audit revealed a high standard of customer service performance, placing the company in the top 20% of its industry.
  • The audit highlighted significant cost-reduction opportunities, sufficient to bring supply chain expenditure down from 10% of sales to just over 8%.
  • These opportunities represented a total supply chain cost reduction of close to 20%.
  • We developed a plan with the client, based on the audit findings, to prioritise and capture the identified benefits.
Uncovering Hidden Opportunities for a Major Food Company
A household name in food sales, required a supply chain performance review to highlight improvement opportunities.

Our end-to-end benchmarking audit, based on a comparative group of 42 companies with similar supply chains to the client’s, selected from out database of 1,000+ supply chains, revealed that overall, customer service performance was at a high level across all key metrics, and supply chain costs were already low.

Nevertheless, hidden savings opportunities were found in some specific areas, such as inventory management.

Project Results

  • We identified opportunities to reduce supply chain costs by almost 11%.
  • These savings were attainable with simple-to-implement changes in inventory management.
  • Together with the client, we developed and rolled out a plan to prioritise and capture the benefits identified in our audit

Three Decades of Benchmarking Success at Your Service

All our supply chain and logistics benchmarking activities are executed by our specialised operating division, Benchmarking Success. You can take confidence in the following credentials of our unique team of benchmarking and KPI consulting experts:

  • A long history of providing benchmarking services, since 1993.
  • Extensive experience in benchmarking supply chains in around 20 industry sectors, for governmental, organizational, and enterprise clients.
  • Benchmarking Success is managed by experienced specialists in logistics benchmarking, KPI development, auditing, and performance improvement.
  • A database built up over several decades enabling unparalleled access to effective supply chain performance comparisons.
  • The Benchmarking Success best-practice model has been applied to more than 1,000 supply chains around the world

Start the Path to Best in Class with a 15-Minute Call

We’re here to benchmark your supply chain.

If you’re curious about exactly how benchmarking could reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase profits in your business, or discuss a specific project with us…

You’re welcome to join us in a short call to discuss your needs and the options available.

On that call we typically:

  1. Review your current situation.
  2. Identify the main issue(s) to address.
  3. Determine the possible ways in which we can help if you choose to engage us.
  4. Discuss next steps for working together

Click the button to chat with one of our specialised Supply Chain benchmarking consultants.

Start Improving Customer Service and Reducing Costs Today

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Start Improving Customer Service and Reducing Costs Today

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