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Supply Chain Training Programs


We need to make sure we never stop learning, and sharing our knowledge.  Because those who don’t, are sadly the ones who fall behind or never seem to quite ‘make it’ as far as they would have liked.  In their careers as well as business performance.

Maybe you’re a Supply Chain Leader already, well on your way up the career ladder?  Or perhaps an aspiring Supply Chain Leader?   Whatever stage of your career, qualification or experience, you’ll find a home at Supply Chain Leaders.

I developed Supply Chain Leaders as an innovative education and coaching environment that would bridge the gap between formal education and hands on decades of hard won experience.  So in essence, it provides a ‘fast track’ knowledge and confidence boosting platform to those who want to accelerate their own performance or that of their team members.

It’s an ever expanding and developing range of programs, that adapt based on member feedback.   In that way, the programs are always relevant, valuable and focused on the needs of those who participate.

I ‘facilitate’ these programs, and undertake some of the coaching too, but thanks to my 40 years in Supply Chain operations, consulting and training, which provides access to an extensive network of senior executives in our industry, I’m able to bring their knowledge and expertise to our programs too.

I should take a moment to thank all those friends and colleagues within our industry that give up their time to join me in our Supply Chain Leaders programs, because it’s their bang up to date, ‘in the trenches’ experience that adds so much value to our members.

You might be wondering what some of the Supply Chain Leaders programs are.  So here’s a summary,


Supply Chain Leaders Academy

This is our flagship group, and is built around a 12 month membership program to our Supply Chain education and coaching environment.  The core of this program is three 2 day live events each year, supplemented with site visits, online learning, webinars and more.  The benefit is not only the knowledge that is shared in this ‘members only’ environment, but the networks and friendships that are forged last way beyond the Academy.


Join Supply Chain Leaders Academy


Members join the Academy as individuals, or within ‘bundles’ of places which are often taken up with our major clients.  Some members find the Academy so beneficial that they pay for it themselves and have been with us over 4 years or more!


Supply Chain Leaders Academy CTA


Supply Chain Leaders Insights

Think of a major Supply Chain Conference, with ‘Death by Powerpoint’ for hour after hour, that costs you over $1,200 a day to attend.  Well Supply Chain Leaders Insights is nothing like that!

This annual event is a ‘small group’ education and coaching event.   You spend the whole day, fully catered, with a room full of 20+ Supply Chain Experts from all parts of the industry, and they spend the whole day running mini education and coaching sessions.   Lots of interaction, lots of Q&A and you get the chance to interact with hundreds of your industry peers.


Join Supply Chain Leaders Insights


A great annual event, for those at all levels, interested in improving their Supply Chain knowledge, or maybe just keeping up to date with ‘what’s out there’.

And the best part is, the ticket price is about the same as the cost of a dinner, and all proceeds from ticket sales go to charity.  You can see more details and buy tickets here:


Supply Chain Leaders Insights CTA


Supply Chain Leaders Boardroom

This program is not for the faint-hearted.  Designed for senior Supply Chain executives it’s a small group mentoring and coaching program that stretches and challenges them to take on and succeed at major projects.  These might relate to Operations, IT or People for example.

Join Supply Chain Leaders Board Room


A series of Board Rooms are convened each year at which members share issues, and are then provided with guidance and templates to help them overcome these issues.

Details are here.  But note that we are currently not taking any more applications.  By all means contact me if you would like to join the waiting list.


Supply Chain Leaders Board Room CTA


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