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Melbourne and Sydney: Two Cities to Visit for Supply Chain Insights


Visit Supply Chain Leaders Insights


If you’re anywhere near Sydney or Melbourne this October and you want to a rare chance to gain some valuable supply chain leaders’ insights, you’re about to learn about an event you really shouldn’t miss.


Our Supply Chain Leaders Insights conference, round-table, and training day will be taking place in both cities this year. The Melbourne event is on 17th October 2017, Sydney on 19th October 2017.


In case you’re wondering just what we mean by suggesting the opportunity of important insights, we’ve decided to use this post to share a few details—and explain what you’ll be missing if you don’t reserve your place.


Just One (Worthwhile) Day out of Your Normal Schedule

Supply Chain Leaders Insights is a pretty unique event, since it’s designed around the need to propagate practical knowledge among professionals in our field of expertise.


The event doesn’t follow a single theme like many conventional conferences. Instead SCLI comprises one full day in which you can choose the topics that matter to you and/or your company.

Each topic is covered in a session lasting just one hour, and is hosted by an industry specialist. The hosts are typically senior managers or executives from companies that provide solutions or services relevant to supply chain organisations.

Because they each operate within a particular niche, their specialised knowledge is not ordinarily shared so openly, but is reserved for paying clients and customers. For one day only though, these experts collaborate with us to offer their insights without any form of sales agenda.


Knowledge that’s Condensed, Not Canned

As SCLI is a one-day event, and each session is one hour in duration, the content is condensed in a way that exposes delegates only to practical insights that can actually be taken away and put to use.


As a delegate, you can choose which sessions you wish to sit in on, and because each session is repeated continuously throughout the day, there’s nothing to stop you from joining the same session twice.


Unlike many events with an educational flavour, Supply Chain Leaders Insights doesn’t deliver canned theoretical presentations that you could find online with a little research. Instead you have access to real operational knowledge, gained from our experts in the course of their careers. This is education you really can take away and use.


Get Solutions to Your Supply Chain Problems

One of the great things about the SCLI format is that it gives you time to really interact with the experts. That’s what makes attendance particularly worthwhile if your company is getting ready for an implementation project and you want to sense-check some ideas or assumptions about solutions.

The line-up of industry experts you’ll be able to meet includes representatives from the following companies (in addition to some of our own experts from Logistics Bureau and Supply Chain Leaders Academy):

  • Telstra: Cloud, networking, and data-centre specialists
  • GPSM: Freight forwarding
  • SmartFreight: Freight solutions provider
  • Infor: Cloud computing, ERP, and industry-specific business information systems
  • SSI Schaefer Australia: Materials handling and logistics solutions
  • Amazon Web Services: Cloud computing platforms
  • Paperless Warehouse: WMS and TMS solution provider
  • Carrigan: Specialists in S&OP implementation
  • Geodis: Logistics service provider (contract logistics and freight forwarding)
  • Hubtex: Forklifts and specialised mechanical handling equipment
  • LATUS: Specialists in supply chain risk management
  • Fracht: Freight and logistics service provider
  • Occulus: Executive careers specialists
  • PTV Group: Logistics software and professional services
  • Pallet Loss Prevention: Pallet management service specialist

Remember, none of the experts listed above will be conducting any sales activity at SCLI. If you need answers about the topics in which they specialise, their role is to share their expertise, make practical recommendations, and perhaps even learn a thing or two from you.


Network and Learn from Your Peers (and with Them)

In addition to a comprehensive roll-call of industry experts, you’ll also be sharing the venue with around 200 other delegates, in an environment that lends itself to professional networking and sharing.


Supply Chain Leaders Insights is one event at which you really have the opportunity to learn from your peers a well as from the expert presenters.


All this is offered at a truly diminutive price of admission, which includes a meal and refreshments, and if you’re someone who feels guilty when not engaged in your day job, you can take solace from knowing that your presence is helping worthy causes around the world—because all ticket revenues are donated to charity.


Hurry!… You’re Running out of Time

A few tickets are still available for SCLI Sydney and Melbourne, but we’re expecting them to be gone soon. So if you like what you’ve read here and want to come along, now’s the time to click over to the Melbourne or Sydney ticket sales page and secure your place.

We look forward to seeing you at Supply Chain Leaders Insights 2017.


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