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If You or your Staff are Struggling to Get a Practical and Useful Understanding of Supply Chain Management and Logistics… Then this is for you!

Universities, TAFE colleges and distance keraninf programs can only do so much. And the hours and days spent wading through lengthy modules of work, just to reach the important stuff can be time wasteing and frustrating.

If you or your staff just want the ‘nuggets’ that really matter, delivered in a fun learning environment with a group of like minded professionals, then Supply Chain Leaders Academy is just what you have ben looking for. That’s why we designed it!


What is Supply Chain Leaders Academy?

Supply Chain Leaders Academy consists of:

  • Three ‘full on’ 2-day ‘schools’ per year, held in Sydney, at a quality venue, as an easy to reach point for most people.
  • A range of essential ‘need to know’ topics presented in an easy to understand and fun environment.
  • A range of presenters ranging from myself, other specialist ‘experts’ and invited ‘well known’ industry leaders.
  • Great networking with a broad cross section of like minded and highly motivated individuals.


Note: Supply Chain Leaders Academy is starting in Sydney Australia but will be rolled out to SE Asia, probably to be held in Thailand.


Supply Chain Leader Academy is NOT:

  • Overly theoretical
  • Boring
  • Full of irrelevant material that you won’t use


What you’ll gain from Supply Chain Leaders Academy

  • All the jargon and terminology demystified.
  • The essential ‘need to know’ things about Supply Chain.
  • All the practical tips that they don’t teach at University.
  • An amazing sense of confidence about the topic of Supply Chain.
  • Loads of practical tips and tools that you can put to use straight away..

Hop on over to Supply Chain Leaders Academy for a closer look.


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