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Supply Chain & Logistics Health Checks

“Super Charge your Supply Chain”

Supply Chain Health Checks

In our recent Free Seminars we have highlighted the key areas that businesses should focus on in order to reduce Supply Chain costs and improve customer service.

We have a well developed series of effective diagnostic services that businesses may find appropriate to remedy poor business performance. These services are very targeted and extremely cost effective. They have been designed to deliver the greatest business benefit, in a short time frame and at minimal cost.

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Freight Benchmarker

Are you frustrated with your freight costs or service levels?
You’re not alone. Many businesses are in the same boat and it’s often because of a lack of freight and industry knowledge that holds them back from the performance they really deserve.

‘Freight Benchmarker’ from Logistics Bureau provides you with…

  • A robust industry benchmark of your current freight costs and service levels.
  • A clear path for quantified cost and service improvement.
  • Three options of detail and support.

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Inventory Benchmarker

Running out of these, too many of those… unhappy customers?
There are not many businesses we’ve worked with that are really good at Inventory management. Most are fairly average. Some are appalling!

But it’s not too hard to improve, that’s the good news!

In as little as 4 weeks, your inventory management could be on the path to improvement!

‘Inventory Benchmarker’ from Logistics Bureau will provide…

  • Your Inventory Benchmarks against similar businesses
  • The potential cost and investment reduction you should be targeting.
  • What changes must be made to improve performance.
  • When you can expect the benefits to start flowing.

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Warehouse Benchmarker

Cost too High? Productivity Poor?
It’s a very common issue. With experience of ‘fixing’ hundreds of warehouses we’ve seen it all. So if you are wondering how to reduce your warehouse costs, improve warehouse service and raise productivity levels, we can certainly help.

In as little as 4 weeks, your warehouse could be on the path to improvement!

‘Warehouse Benchmarker’ from Logistics Bureau will answer these questions…

  • How does the Operation perform in terms of cost and service?
  • What are the key performance gaps?
  • What changes must be made to improve performance?
  • What are the likely benefits of these changes, in terms of cost and service?

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Solid Track Record

  • 24 years of experience
  • 1,700 projects completed
  • 25 countries

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