Consultant Required – Generalist in Supply Chain & Logistics (with Finance)

Supply Chain Consultant HiringYes, here’s another vacancy!  This time for a more general role.

I’m looking for experienced Supply Chain Consultants to fill a senior role, working across a broad range of industries and clients.

As well as solid experience in Supply Chain and Logistics consulting, the right person will also be able to:

  1. Communicate really well in person and on paper.
  2. Carry out detailed financial analysis. (they will have finance/accounting qualifications).
  3. Deliver very high quality analysis and reports under tight time frames if required.
  4. Plan and prioritise their project workload to ensure outstanding customer service.

And most important of all, they need to be very bright, inquisitive and have a passion for helping people improve their business!

If this is you…………’ll know it.

Or maybe you know someone just like this?

Note.  Their may be opportunities to support our teams in SE Asia on projects too, but not essential if you need to stay closer to home.


Rob O'Byrne - Logistics BureauRegards

Rob O’Byrne

Email or +61 417 417 307



P.S. To all the great recruiters out there, I’m really sorry, but as you may know, I prefer to source my own people.   Strange Yes.  But that’s me……

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