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Why not start 2015 knowing exactly what your Supply Chain performance is?  AND:

  1. Where you need to improve.
  2. How far behind the rest of your industry you are.
  3. What the improvement will deliver, in terms of cost and service improvement…….

Wouldn’t that be a great way to start the New Year?

Supply Chain Benchmarking DiscountTo help you off to a great start to the New Year, Logistics Bureau is offering 5 Christmas ‘presents’ of a Supply Chain Benchmarking Audit of your supply Chain at 20% off the normal price. 

Why would we do that?  It’s quite simple really.

1. Our Benchmarking specialists have the capacity to fit in just 5 more audits before Christmas, and…..

2. Rob O’Byrne our CEO wants to make sure we hit our ‘giving target’ of helping 2 million people by Christmas Day!  See:  Thanks a Million

To be operating at anything close to a ‘Best in Class’ Supply Chain within your industry, there are two essential things you need to know:

ONE.  What is ‘Best in Class’ performance in my industry?

TWO. How does my Supply Chain compare to those metrics?

To find out how grabbing one of these discounted audits could help your Supply Chain improve, just contact us directly to see if your organisation would benefit, and to secure one of the 5 places available.  No obligation.

You can contact either Steven Thacker or me (Rob O’Byrne)

But Steven is the guru in all things Benchmarking.


Steven Thacker
+61 408 120 758
Email or +61 408 120 758


Please Note:

  1. 923 Organisations have already benefited from these Supply Chain Benchmarking Audits.
  2. Benchmarking audits have been conducted all over the World and can be delivered remotely if required.
  3. Most industries are included in our Benchmarking databases.
  4. And…your own information is carefully guarded.  Only aggregated industry data is shared with our Benchmarking clients.  This is how you can measure your own performance against your competitors!


Contact Rob O'Byrne
Best Regards,
Rob O’Byrne
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 417 417 307
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