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Supply Chain and Logistics Training

Logistics Bureau is pleased to be able to offer the following training options:

You might also want to see our range of free Supply Chain & Logistics Seminars and register for an invitation.


Supply Chain & Logistics Workshops

These workshops are not provided to the public, but are intended to be run as in-house training for companies.

A broad range of Supply Chain and Logistics topics are offered, that range from short one hour presentations/discussions, to two day workshop programs.

Workshops can easily be provided for most countries in our Region, which extends from India in the West to China in the East.

For our full range of workshops see our Supply Chain and Logistics Workshops list

These workshops are based on our experience with a vast range of companies amongst our valued customer base, as well as a broad range of services covering the Supply Chain end-to-end.

Please contact Workshops or the specific workshop facilitator directly if you would like to utilise these services. Against each workshop we have the facilitator’s contact email.


Supply Chain & Logistics Training Courses

These training courses are offered to the public and run at regular times throughout the year. At the moment they are only provided in Thailand, but we hope to expand this service to other countries shortly.

Our Supply Chain and Logistics training courses cover a wide range of topics. For the full range of topics and course details please visit Supply Chain and Logistics Training Courses

Solid Track Record

  • 26 years of experience
  • 2,000 projects completed
  • 25 countries
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