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All sectors of Government have Supply Chain issues of one kind or another. We have had the pleasure of working at all levels such as:

  • Federal Government
  • State Government
  • Local Government
  • Global Agencies
  • Development Corporations
  • Defence
  • Defence Contractors

We are very proud and privileged to count amongst our customers some of the leading organisations in the this sector.

Examples of Projects:

Strategy – Government & Economic Development

  • Review of container security across land and sea based transport
  • Review of establishment of a freight terminal
  • Review of establishing an Inland Freight and Logistics Centre
  • Review of supply chain for agricultural and pharmaceutical products across several S.E. Asian countries

Tactics – Government & Economic Development

  • Establishment of a freight centre in southern NSW
  • Pre feasibility for establishing inland multi modal handling facilities
  • Relocation of DC’s to country regions

Operations – Government & Economic Development

  • Supply chain mapping of AIDS drugs across Asia
  • Supply chain mapping of pharmaceuticals
  • Assessment of policies and constraints for establishing “warehouses without boundaries” across the Greater Mekong Region

Optimisation – Government & Economic Development

  • Review of economic development methodologies to ensure that economic development activity was in-line with the needs of commercial development activity
  • Numerous industry benchmarking studies to assist new business start ups

Solid Track Record

  • 20 years of experience
  • 1,400 projects completed
  • Across most industries
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