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Supply Chain Seminar from a Different Angle


Supply Chain and Logistics Seminars a Hit


Many thanks to all of our Breakfast Seminar Guests who took the time to join us this week in Melbourne, Sydney and ‘Live’ online.

I have to say that by the reaction at the end of the events and all the emails I  have received over the last 48 hours, we really seem to have ‘struck a chord’ this time around.

Whilst our seminars are traditionally very Supply Chain and Logistics focussed, often getting into the nuts and bolts of the topic, this one was a bit different.

It’s good to look outside the square now and again isn’t it?  To challenge our thinking.  To question the way we always do things and how we approach big obstacles and challenges.

As I mentioned at the events, this particular topic was very popular at our Supply Chain School, where we went into it in much more detail.

Achieving our Supply Chain Goals often hinges on our perception and mindset.  Sometimes we need to set ourselves Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs), fling ourselves at the task and work out different ways of doing things to make sure we get there!  Extraordinary organisations will often achieve extraordinary things by thinking and acting differently.  Vastly differently, from the rest of their ‘market’.

I might just share some of the feedback…

Thank you for hosting the breakfast yesterday morning, I found the session really interesting and engaging and I enjoyed the format of the way both you and Steven presented. I will certainly be using the techniques learnt to support operations and to encourage all to look at ops from a different perspective/angle.  I thoroughly enjoyed the session so thanks again.  I’m off to set up my BHAG’s!

I have to thank you – it was exceptional — 

Very much enjoyed the session this morning. Thanks

Truly worth watching Online to gain insights into reaching Supply Chain Goals on a sustainable basis!!!

Not living in Sydney or Melbourne it was great to be able to join in online….

Great examples of BHAGs and how to think about and develop them for our Supply Chain. Though instant service might be hard in our industry!

Loved the stories. I’m certainly guilty of stressing out when all the Ducks don’t like up……

I always enjoy your events Rob and this one was certainly one of your best.


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