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Well, our latest series of Free Training Seminars in Supply Chain and Logistics closed this week in Altona (Melbourne). We managed 6 events in this series with almost 350 people registered! So a huge thank you to all those who gave up 1/2 a day to come along.

Free supply chain and logistics training

If you didn’t manage to get an invitation this time, you can make sure you don’t miss out in future by registering on this page: Free Supply Chain & Logistics Training. Our next series is planned for September, with a brand new topic aimed at assisting you in your Supply Chain and Logistics operations.

We had some great interaction, debate and discussion over the event series, so well done to those who came along.

If you couldn’t make it, we hope to see you next time.  For me, the key take outs from these events were:

  1. To provide a World Class Supply Chain, you must start with the customer in mind.  The customer’s needs, in terms of service lead time particularly, absolutely ‘shape’ how your Supply Chain needs to operate.
  2. We need to ‘balance‘ these needs with our internal stakeholders requirements.  This can often cause some conflict, but we need to find the ‘sweet’ spot and establish what we can ‘afford’ to give our customers.
  3. To save costs in the Supply Chain………….don’t touch the product!  As we discussed through a series of case studies, speeding up the supply chain flow and minimising the ‘touches’ leads to much lower operating costs and working capital  requirements.
  4. If you haven’t already, do a ‘back of the envelope’ cost to serve analysis.  Identify the ‘leakage’ points, where resources are being consumed out of all proportion to the margin being gained.  All businesses have these ‘easy win’ opportunities.
  5. If you don’t have a Supply Chain Strategy, that is clearly articulated and understood across the business, get one in place.  You now have a process that you can use to develop a strategy yourself in 6 very easy steps, that is very effective.
  6. And the same goes for a customer service policy.  Do you have opportunities to provide differentiated services to your customers, that will not only make them more happy, but reduce your costs?

If there are any burning issues or topics you would like us to cover in our next series of Free Supply Chain and Logistics Events, just let me know.  You can contact me:


And for those of you who are joining us at Supply Chain School, I really look forward to seeing you there on 31st July.  We have some great speakers and topics lined up for you.


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