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Demand Density Mapping.

Demand Density Map - Supply Chain Mapping‘See’ your customer demand graphically.

This Supply Chain Mapping service provides geo coded customer locations on a digital map, that pictorially illustrate geographic demand.

This provides insights into distribution management that looking ‘at the numbers’ alone cannot provide.

The size of the customers symbol on the map, can be set at various volume break points.

Customers can be mapped based on customer type, customer sales levels or many other factors as required.

Use this graphical demand density mapping to support:

  • Facility location decisions
  • Demand trend analysis
  • Identification of market opportunities

Why not map your current demand against potential demand based on our population and demographics databases? Where is your actual demand lagging?

These services can also be provided remotely via the Internet.

Solid Track Record

  • 20 years of experience
  • 1,400 projects completed
  • Across most industries
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