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Rob O’Byrne and Mal Walker (Smart Conference Program Director) talk about the Smart Conference and why you NEED to be there…

Use the code mentioned in the video to get a 5% discount! (But you need to register by Sunday 9th June)

“Rob O’Byrne and Mal Walker (Smart Conference Program Director) talk about the Smart Conference and why you NEED to be there…

Rob: Now smart people don’t end up in here, this is Silverwater jail in Sydney. Smart people actually go to the Smart Supply Chain Conference. Hi, this is Rob O’Byrne from Logistics Bureau and today I’ve actually got the program director from the Smart Conference, Mal Walker. Thanks for joining us Mal.

Malcolm: No problem Rob, great to be here.

Rob: Now I’ve been going to the Smart Conference since ’97 and I reckon it’s one of the best conferences around for our industry and Mal, tell us why should people actually go to the Smart Conference?

Malcolm: Okay, well Smart Conferences is a huge event, it has over 90 speakers this year across 70 sessions and there’s 13 subjects dreams. So with people in Supply Chain Management, it is the place to go for learning and networking.

Rob: Certainly awesome every time I’ve been. So who is the audience, who’s the target sort of delegate for the Smart conference, who should be going?

Malcolm: Okay, well typically the audience ranges from chief executives right through to warehouse managers and supervisors. So the conference has something for all of those people, and they will all gain something from the sessions, the learning and also the exhibition.

Rob: Sounds great and I know you always have a great line up of speakers at the conference, who is some of the stand outs this year Mal?

Malcolm: Okay good question, some of the key note speakers we have Dough Lambert from OHIO University coming along, we’ve got Mike Kentucky from DEMATIC USA, David Benchavich from CEVA and Kaycee Jones also from CEVA and our Key note breakfast speaker is Cameron Porman who will be speaking about the online revolution and how to right the online way without bombing out. So it’s going to be seriously good in terms of content and outcomes.

Rob: That is certainly the session I’ll be wanting to look at. Now it’s all in 26th and 27th of  June, we’ve got a registration link below this video. But I’ve been putting pressure on Mal and the directors of the smart conference, what are the strategies Mal, what can you do for us?

Malcolm: Okay for people watching this video, we can offer you a great deal, if you log on to the registration site of Smart and touch the link below the email that you’ve got and quote the code LB123, you will receive five percent off the brochure price for the conference. So that’s 5% off for anyone that logs on through this video.

Rob: Really appreciate it Mal, that’s great, I love a bargain I’m sure you do. It is coming up fairly soon in May, is it May? That’s quick! No, June 26, 27 thought that would have been next week, so we got about a month to go. Jump on, use that registration, use the code LB123 and you get your five percent discount. That’s really appreciated Mal, I look forward to the conference, I hope you can make it, really looking forward to seeing you there.

Malcolm: Be there!”

See you there!

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