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For SMALLER Businesses

Under $50 million annual turnover

This Is For You If…

You’re a Senior manager in a business with an annual turnover of under $50 million and you need help boosting the performance of your Supply Chain to underpin the business goals.

We’ve been helping businesses like yours, across most industry sectors and so we understand the many challenges you face and the priorities that you need to constantly juggle.

Without needing to make a large investment to support improvements, you’re trying to maintain and increase sales, in a highly volatile environment.  So it’s important that you focus on initiatives that will deliver the greatest benefit in the short term, whilst also supporting the business into the longer term.

These are some of the initiatives that we’ve found help businesses like yours the most:

  1. Developing a simple and clear Supply Chain strategy so that resources can be better focussed on the right priorities.
  2. Getting inventory under control to maximise availability and minimise investment.
  3. Improving warehouse processes and layouts to gain better use of space and improve efficiency.
  4. Reviewing warehousing and freight contracts to ensure that you are ‘buying’ the right level of services, and at the ‘right’ price.
  5. Making sure you have the right team structure and KPIs in place to better manage the function.

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