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Sharing Supply Chain Secrets Globally My Goal for 2020

Anybody who knows me well is aware that in addition to working with my wonderful colleagues at the Logistics Bureau, I run several spin-off businesses.

One of those is Supply Chain Secrets, an educational company in the Logistics Bureau group, which exists purely to share practical guidance with companies and individuals wishing to improve their supply chain knowledge and expertise.

“I will be a 1 man fully self-contained ‘travelling seminar’. Where do you think I should go?”

—Rob O’Byrne, Founder, Supply Chain Secrets

I have some big plans for that enterprise in 2020, and I’m looking for a little help in developing them because we’re going to take the concept on tour.


Worldwide, One-Man Logistics Seminars


“Sixty years ago I knew everything; now I know nothing; education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”

—Will Durant, American Writer, Historian, and Philosopher

I intend to hold low-cost, or even free, Supply Chain Secrets seminars in countries and regions that don’t often receive exposure to this type of educational event. I’ve been taking them around the Asia Pacific region for several years, and the seminars have received a tremendous reception in Thailand, Vietnam, and of course, Australia.

For anyone not familiar with the content delivered by Supply Chain Secrets, here is a quick overview:


The Supply Chain Secrets Formula


Services provided by Supply Chain Secrets include a structured, subscription-based, online mentoring program for supply chain professionals (or anyone who wants to know more about the industry), a series of books, and of course, the seminars.


“The seminars will cover basic supply chain management, and more advanced elements such as strategy, outsourcing, cost to serve, benchmarking, and so on.”

—Rob O’Byrne, Founder, Supply Chain Secrets


The content we cover includes introductions to basic and advanced supply chain and logistics principles and concepts, delivered in a way that’s actionable and not overly academic.


Here are some of the topics our students typically learn about:

  • Opportunities for cost reduction and service improvement
  • Supply chain strategy development and alignment
  • Supply chain and logistics outsourcing
  • Procurement and purchasing
  • Career development in supply chain and logistics
  • Understanding customers and their needs
  • Inventory management and optimisation
  • Supply chain technology, systems, and solutions
  • Benchmarking and KPI development


So… Where Should We Go?


I plan to run a couple of separate one-day seminars in each town, city, or region visited. One will be a basic supply chain management seminar, and the second will cover the more advanced elements, such as cost-to-serve, supply chain benchmarking, and outsourcing.

The business and seminar concept itself is mature, well-defined, and proven successful, so all I need now is to decide where in the world to take my Supply Chain Secrets seminars.


I’ve already received a few requests and suggestions for worthy locations to visit, but I am looking for more, which is where my request for a little help from you, dear reader, comes in.



“My favorite thing about touring is the new towns and new faces every day.”

—Dustin Lynch, Singer-Songwriter

So far, a visit to Nepal is already in the plan, and I’ve received the following suggestions as a result of my outreach activity:

  • India – Mumbai and Bangalore
  • New Zealand – Auckland, Hamilton
  • Germany – Hamburg
  • The Netherlands – Rotterdam
  • Republic of Cyprus – Nicosia, Limassol
  • Kenya
  • USA – Cleveland, OH
  • Brazil – Sao Paulo
  • Peru – Lima
  • Gabon

However, I intend the tour to be BIG, so I’m reaching out for even more suggestions, especially for venues lacking adequate opportunities for people to learn about supply chain operations and management.

Your Input Below… Please!


“Please suggest countries/cities anywhere in the World where you think this type of seminar might be appreciated.”

—Rob O’Byrne, Founder, Supply Chain Secrets.

Please help me add to my list by suggesting some locations in the comments section below.


You’re welcome to suggest anywhere you know of, whether you live there or know from practical experience that seminars there would add value to the professional community and be well-received.


And of course, if we select a location that you suggest, I hope that I will see you there on some date in the next year or two. Thank you.


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