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OK, but who is it aimed at Rob?  (I’ll answer that in a moment, and maybe surprise you)

Supply Chain Education We periodically run ‘invitation only’ breakfast and luncheons for Senior Executives in our Industry.

These ‘think tanks’ are primarily a high level networking and sharing opportunity but we also use our ‘Senior Friends’ as a sounding board for new things we are working on.

OK, so at the last two we exposed the inner thinking behind Supply Chain School for some really honest and brutal feedback.  As we expected our ‘friends’ were brutally honest!  But in a really positive way thank goodness, which was awesome.

We use this type of feedback to continually improve our services and to make sure we are meeting the needs of our market.

So we got loads of really good feedback on things like:

  1. Content.
  2. Delivery methods.
  3. Employer expectations and of course,
  4. Pricing.

Thank you so much for all your positive feedback, encouragement and support.

So of course the ultimate question came up, from the really smart CFO polishing off his cheese and biscuits.  “OK Rob, it looks marvellous, but WHO is it aimed at“?

Murmured agreement went around the room, as others were obviously pondering the same question.  If I was going to send anyone along, WHO in my team would I send to Supply Chain School?

So I trotted out my normal response………….

  1. People new to Supply Chain, less than 5 years…
  2. People not directly involved in Supply Chain, but wanting to learn more…
  3. Really bright up and comers, that you want to challenge…
  4. STOP!

Because at that point I looked over at one of our Supply Chain School members who had come along to the ‘think tank’.

He was not new to Supply Chain, and was directly involved in Supply Chain, and had been for over 15 years!

And I started to think about all the other awesome members of Supply Chain School.  The people that I really miss interacting with when not at the School.

  • Yes, even the ‘overly smart’ ones who ask really tricky and ‘blunt’ questions.
  • Yes, even the ones who have just finished Masters and Doctorate Degrees, who are far ‘smarter’ than me, and are eager to learn more, and do!
  • And Yes, even those members who might not say a lot during the more formal parts of the School, but corner me later over a coffee or dinner and totally ‘blow me away’ with their thoughts on how they are going to use the knowledge they have just learnt!

And that got me thinking………… who is the School aimed at?

It’s quite simple really…

It’s aimed at very bright, highly motivated, ambitious people, who really are going to be our future Supply Chain Leaders! 

So to those who were wondering who might benefit from joining us at Supply Chain School.  It’s that simple.   Who do you WANT to invest in?  It’s not about what they are doing now, but you think they will be capable of in the future…

Can’t wait for the next School!  (Oct 30/31)


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