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#1 Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants

Supply Chain Survival Needs Rapid Action

It’s About Minimising and Stabilising Service
and Cost Disruptions

For many Business around the World at the moment, their survival through this current crisis and longer term viability hinges on the foundation of their current Supply Chain Performance.

At no time in recent history has sound and proactive Supply Chain management been so critical to business prosperity.

And whilst there can seem to be dozens of Supply Chain challenges to overcome, this is a time for clarity, clear priorities and rapid action.

Inaction merely leads to further service failures, loss of sales and a steady decline of business.

Further, it will be those businesses that weather this crisis well, and are focused on the right priorities, that will not only survive the Pandemic, but also the inevitable post Pandemic turmoil as businesses grapple to regain market share and profitability.

Here at Logistics Bureau our focus is on these two objectives.

  1. To help businesses realign their Supply Chain focus to ease their passage through the crisis,
  2. To ensure that they are positioned stronger, as they emerge into the ‘new normal’.

For that reason, 80% of our current efforts are focussed on just 3 core Supply Chain issues.  If these issues exist in your business now, they can be ‘fixed’ and you will be very well positioned in the short and longer term. These services are FAST, have a very quick ROI and are GUARANTEED!

HERE THEY ARE (Results Guaranteed – see below):

“Fast S&OP” “Profit Leak Stopper” “Working Capital Clawback”
Your Pain
  • Major Stock Outs
  • Too Much Slow Moving Stock
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Escalating Costs
  • Increasing complexity
  • Reducing service levels
  • Excess Inventory
  • Stock Outs
  • Poor Service
The Cause
  • Demand Volatility
  • Impossible to Forecast
  • Poor Supply
  • Lack of Stock and Demand Visibility
  • SKU Range Complexity
  • Customer Range Complexity
  • Varying Service Needs
  • Products & Customers that are Huge Loss Makers
  • Inventory Imbalance
  • Volatile Demand
  • Lack of Tools
Likely Outcomes
  • Higher costs
  • Worse Service
  • Declining Profits
  • Cash Flow Issues
  • Worsening Service
  • Declining Profits

ITP (Integrated Technical Planning) as a subset of IBP (Integrated Business Planning)

  1. Quick response, fully integrated into the business planning/response system.
  2. Remove ‘knee-jerk’ responses to short-term change
  3. Implement very quickly i.e 3 weeks (ideally 2 weeks)

Quick response actions that: 

  1. Significantly reduce costs
  2. Can be implemented quickly
  3. Have an extreme ROI (2-3 weeks)
  • BAU focus to ensure inventory is appropriate & reduce where possible when maintaining service levels
  • Analysis & necessities for change – quickly

If you already have IBP (stop):

  1. Quick response ITP process in place
  2. Integrated with IBP, not in conflict with it.

If you don’t have IBP (S&OP) in your business

  1. Establish a quick response ITP process for the business
  2. Templates, pro-formas, etc to fast track implementation to…
    • Sustain customer service excellence in preparation for post Covid
    • Optimise inventory – no excess inventory or stock outs
  • Put back 3-5% on the bottom line (10-15% of your orders lose money)
  • Analysis done. Issues identified & recommendation report completed within 2 weeks of data (clean data) being available to use.
  • Identified areas for easy & painless reduction in inventory/removal of excess stock more than required.
  • Typical outcome is a 15% reduction in inventory by right sizing inventory
  • Easy to do ‘Action List’ available with 1 week of data being provided


1 – These three services are specifically designed for ‘now’.

2 – They address the major leaks in your Supply Chain.

3 – They can be applied and implemented within 2-3 weeks.

4 – They all have a guaranteed ROI within 3 weeks!

5 – They can be financed over an attractive payment schedule.

6 – There is ZERO reason not to apply these right now.

7 – Many companies are!



Just book a 15 minute exploratory call with our CEO Rob O’Byrne.

He’ll assess your Supply Chain needs and tell you which of these services best suit your challenges.

You can start repairing those leaks with a week.

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