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Thank You for taking our Leaking Profits Assessment

Now let’s help you fix those leaks!

We can provide you with a free 15–20-minute online discussion of your results and potential improvements for your business.
You can book that free call right now, down below.

The call can cover whatever you like, but we find this simple agenda works best:


A quick overview of your business. Products/services, customers.


Any particular issues you are having (what prompted you to take this assessment)


Improvements or outcomes you would like to see.


Our suggestions of how you might start to fix those profit leaks!

This is usually 15-20 minutes on Zoom.

If we need more time, we’ll be happy to book a 2nd, longer call.

Book carefully, as sadly for ‘no shows’ (cancellation without notice) we may not be able to reschedule the meeting, as the consultant’s workload is considerable at the moment and these meetings are on a limited basis.

We look forward to learning more about your business and helping you fix those inventory issues.


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