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Planning Audit

Without effective Supply Chain Planning, how can you expect good results in terms of cost and service?

Supply Chain Planning is an extremely important function in any supply chain organisation. However, poor planning will cause havoc in your inventory and result in poor customer service.  Our guided survey and process walkthrough will assess the quality of your planning processes and will;

  • Assess the effectivity and efficiency of your existing planning processes.
  • Record, review and rate existing processes against good planning practice.
  • Cover all aspects of supply chain planning including demand, supply, inventory, production, distribution, sales and operations planning.
  • Assess the completeness of your policies and procedures documentation
  • Review your existing use of technology for supply chain planning.
  • Tell you what you need to do to improve your supply chain planning processes to improve your inventory and service outcomes.

Typical Benefit: ~10%- 20% supply chain planning efficiency.

Who is it for? Supply Chain Managers looking for an expert opinion on the quality of your current Supply Chain Planning Processes.

What you get? Customised report detailing our observations, findings and recommendations for Supply Chain Planning Process Improvement.

How ‘good’ are you Supply Chain Planning processes? In our Supply Chain Planning Process Assessment we’ll meet with your planning team to discuss, document and rate your current Supply Chain Planning Processes. We’ll cover all processes (and sub processes) related to: Inventory, Demand, Supply Planning, KPIs and S&OP. From this meeting, we’ll prepare a report detailing our observations and recommendations to help improve your Supply Chain Planning processes.

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