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Network Flow Mapping

How to Reduce Distribution Network Costs?

“A picture tells a thousand words”. In our experience mapping our client’s supply chains often uncovers problems and is often a good first step in any inventory review.  Using your inventory, sales, purchases and warehouse transfer data, our analytics software will;

  • Map Summarise your material flows inbound, outbound and between warehouses within your network.
  • Identify imbalances by warehouse in terms of material flows and inventory holding.
  • Analyse your network at three levels of detail: organisational and individual warehouses.

Who is it for? Executives looking to kick off an Inventory Management or Network Review.

What you get? Customised report showing material flows and inventory holding throughout your entire warehouse network.

Do you buy more inventory than you sell? Are spending a lot on unnecessary inter-warehouse transfers? We often work with clients who haven’t seen their supply chain represented like this. We take your inventory, sales, returns, purchase, distribution transactions to create a detailed report showing how inventory moves around your network. A great first step in your Inventory Management or Network Review.

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