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Market Research Services

Logistics Bureau provides a full service (quantitative & qualitative) of market research solutions to business clients from a range of industry sectors. We combine research insights with our business experience to deliver practical strategic advice & solutions for our client needs.

Our unique team of market research consultants have specialized skills sets in qualitative and quantitative techniques and specific business disciplines and topic areas. Our market research teams are customized as are our research projects. Teams are appointed based on the client’s issues where specialists in the research topic area, methodology requirements and analysis are brought together to provide the most valuable and insightful research team that can be formed.

Research projects and clients have included areas of segmentation, customer service/satisfaction, employee satisfaction and brand monitoring. Our clients are typically large blue chip organizations however more mid size firms are commissioning research at a growing rate.

Key to our approach:
Partnership of a highly skilled team of professionals tailored to research solutions utilisation of innovative methodologies and astute analysis techniques in-depth understanding & experience of market place problems in-depth understanding of a clients business informed recommendations – no fence sitting straightforward communication – clear, accessible and actionable on-going support via a committed, value-added partnership with our clients


Range of Market Research Services included:


Multivariate Analysis

e.g.: Choice modeling, principle component analysis (PCA), factor and cluster analysis

Sophisticated & complex statistical analysis techniques are used to provide insights into specific client research issues. Valid and reliable results are the key ingredient in successful research and being armed with a tool kit of sophisticated statistical models and methods is a means to delivering a notable level of dependability to research outcomes.


Customer Service Monitors

This research exercise involves scrutinising a customer/client’s perspectives, attitudes, needs, wants and desires leading to recommendations to introduce or improve customer service/satisfaction. This research can be done on a quarterly interval to create comparison data for a company to monitor over time.


Brand Monitor

The power of a brand is no secret to most successful companies in the market place. Many of these companies invest in establishing brand value, equity, and perceptions in the market place. This type of research will provide robust insights into injecting new life in declining brands, sustaining healthy brands or simply understanding your brands image within your target markets. The research outcomes will provide a company with direction for future brand management.


Customer/Employee Satisfaction

Establish key drivers to maintain key customers & employees, increase loyalty and manage relationships. Companies are not only faced with the battle of the customer but also the battle of the employee. Both parties are critical to a company’s health. It is increasingly difficult to maintain good customers and employees however through monitoring their satisfaction drivers and implementing these into strategic plans can significantly improve a companies ability to retain both parties.


Channel to marketing communications optimisation

Gone are the days of mass marketing in the traditional way. Certainly the mediums still exist to reach a mass market however the mass has become excessively fragmented. Technology has certainly changed the platform for reaching target markets and with the fragmentation of the traditional mass market communication mediums, understanding your target market’s media channel consumption patterns is more critical than ever before. This research will assist in identifying the key mediums and messages for establishing, maintaining and growing customer/client segments.



A basic rule of marketing is to meet & satisfy the needs of your customers. It is important to identify customer groups and sub groups so one can tailor their marketing mix to meet the customers/clients needs. Innovative segmentation can have a robust result on marketing ROI. Aim and fire versus hit and miss tactics tend to deliver consistent stronger bottom line results. Segmentation is a must for any firm and should be conducted annually to keep up-to-date on segment movements and changes.


Identification of new customer, product & category opportunities

Customers/clients are often a firm’s best source for innovative new products, services and solutions. Utilising prospective, new & existing customers/clients has proven to be a key ingredient in firms remaining innovative in business operations. This style of research can allow firms to gain insights which can lead to the holy grail of business ‘sustainable competitive advantage’. Many firms have experienced faster adoption of new products and services when they are designed with a customer/clients input versus an in-house team of specialists designing new concepts alone.


Competitor monitoring

Know thy competitor’s is vital for competing in today’s marketplace. Technology has changed the playing field considerably and competitors can be located anywhere on the globe. Understanding how you are perceived versus other players within your industry or a similar industry is valuable for strategic plans. Companies often think they have a strong understanding of who their competitors are however research results have often revealed players that a company would not have considered a competitor. This type of research reveals who customers/clients view as an alternative over your company, product, service etc. This research can be immensely insightful and provide a firm with a realistic understanding of how they are positioned and where they are positioned in relation to other company/clients, products or services in the mind of their customer/clients.



A customers/clients attitude will tend to have a strong influence on their behaviour in the marketplace. Understanding a customer/client’s attitudes in areas of service, price, product, distribution, promotion, brands to name a few considerations does not only provide insights into what they may think it also provides a window into seeing how they will behave in relation to certain stimulus, messages, locations, packaging etc. Like most research it is not a one off research and does require being redone at intervals. However with a longitudinal approach comparative data will evolve and provide insights into changes



Understanding where you fit in relation to cost & service in your industry can provide an instant picture of where you are performing well and where you can improve. Logistics Bureau’s sister organization Benchmarking Success has a diagnostic tool and a database of companies from different industry sectors for benchmarking KPIs on service and costs.


Solid Track Record

  • 26 years of experience
  • 2,000 projects completed
  • 25 countries
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