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Progressive and Pragmatic Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants

In Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and Australasia

Logistics Bureau is an Australian consulting company that provides the services of its logistics and supply chain consultants in Malaysia to local, regional, national, and international enterprises and organisations.


We aid, advise, and support senior business leaders in Kuala Lumpur and throughout Malaysia, with the aim of improving logistics and supply chain management to increase business performance.

When you need a consulting partner with a progressive and pragmatic approach, and no affiliations with product or service providers, our team is ready to help you solve the challenges of managing logistics and supply chains in Malaysia and internationally.

Chat to our supply chain & logistics consultants for Malaysian businesses today.

Logistics & Supply Chain Challenges in Malaysia, and How We Can Help

Every country has a unique combination of supply chain issues and challenges, requiring a depth of knowledge in the geographies, politics, infrastructures, and commercial environment that give rise to them.

Our consultants have worked with numerous businesses and agencies in Malaysia, and possess the local knowledge and expertise necessary to provide meaningful help to leaders and managers in KL and the other commercial centres in the country.

Typical supply chain and logistics issues in Malaysia, which our consultants are familiar with, include:

  • The need to improve demand forecasting accuracy and determination of safety stock levels
  • General inventory management issues
  • Inadequate or suboptimal application and integration of supply chain systems
  • High logistics costs
  • High turnover of logistics personnel
  • Ineffective supplier management and communication
  • Shortage of expertise in international logistics
  • Challenges with raising the profile of customer service as a supply chain/logistics related concern

We have noted and experienced all the above issues across multiple commercial sectors in Malaysia, and have completed thousands of projects related to them in countries all over the world.

This experience, coupled with our wide range of on-site and remote consulting solutions, makes Logistics Bureau a compelling choice for companies needing assistance to improve supply chain and logistics performance.

Logistics & Supply Chain Consulting in Malaysia: Sectors We Serve

Our clients in Malaysia have primarily been operating in the FMCG, heavy industry, and automotive sectors. However, on a global basis, our consultants have practiced within all the following verticals:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Third-party logistics
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Government and economic development

Regardless of the sector within which your organisation operates, we are sure to have an in-depth understanding of the challenges you face in supply chain management—and whatever problems you are facing and wish to solve, it’s probable that we have tackled and overcome them with our clients many times before.

Our Consulting Services in Kuala Lumpur and Throughout Malaysia

We can help you achieve increased business performance by implementing supply chain improvements and initiatives. Our range of services is broad, encompassing all aspects of supply chain and logistics operation.

To give you a flavour of the ways in which we can assist your business, here are a few of the project types for which our clients regularly engage us:

  • Developing supply chain strategy
  • Assistance with logistics insourcing and outsourcing strategy/decisions
  • 3PL partner selection/sourcing
  • Optimising warehouse layout and flows
  • Supply chain and logistics training and education
  • Cost-to-serve analysis
  • Distribution network optimisation
  • Determining warehouse space and capacity requirements
  • Distribution centre/warehouse interior design and layout
  • Strategic distribution centre/warehouse site selection

Remote Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting – Our New Services

Soon after the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, we saw a need to adapt our consulting approach to a changing business environment.

To enable us to continue to serve organisations like yours in the face of travel restrictions and social distancing measures, we developed new digital tools and consulting processes, all of which allow us to work on client’s projects without any physical on-site presence.

We’re pleased to offer a range of 100% remotely executed services and solutions, all of which include our usual guarantee of positive results, are realistically priced, and tailored to the needs of your business. These solutions include:

  • Inventory management: Are your inventory levels too high? We’ll help you find out, optimise inventory levels and management processes, and increase profits as a result.
  • Supply chain planning: Improve your planning effectiveness with our help, by taking advantage of our remote supply chain planning improvement service. It will aid you to improve planning processes for inbound supply, inventory, S&OP, and KPIs.
  • Cost to serve: Some of your customers, products, and processes could be limiting your profitability. We’ll assist you to identify them and reduce your cost to serve.
  • Warehouse performance: Reduce your logistics costs & raise your service levels through better warehouse management.
  • Demand forecasting: We’ll analyse your forecasting accuracy and guide you towards the first steps to improvement.
  • Distribution network optimisation: Even the most well-developed distribution networks become suboptimal over time. Our network analysis and optimisation service will help you get the best from your distribution nodes and assets.
  • Safety stock reduction: Our consultants will help you evaluate your safety inventory levels and right-size them to meet your current business needs.

Companies That Trust Us

  • ACE Perdis
  • A&L Windows and Doors
  • AAP
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Abbvie
  • Abey Australia
  • Air Liquide Australia
  • Adidas
  • Access Info Mgmt
  • ACCO
  • Acco Brands
  • ACF
  • ACG
  • Adbri
  • ADI
  • ADRT
  • AEI
  • AGR Cyanide
  • Air New Zealand
  • Alcon Laboratories
  • ALDI
  • Albi Imports
  • Allied Pinnacle
  • ALM

Meet Our Leaders: The Inspiration that Drives Us

Logistics Bureau’s principles and values run deep within our team of handpicked logistics and supply chain consultants. We’re determined to remain objective and vendor-neutral, and to recommend only solutions that we know will bring the best possible results for your business or organisation.

However, nobody upholds those values more than the two gentlemen at the helm of our business, and it is their resolve and determination to remain true to them, that inspires us to continue Logistics Bureau’s good work and expand our services to help businesses not just in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and Australasia, but around the world.

We hope you will get to know some of our team in person, so as a first step, here’s a quick introduction to our leaders:

Rob O'Byrne

Rob O’Byrne

Owner and Group CEO

Rob is the founder of Logistics Bureau and several other consulting and educational businesses. He is passionate about supporting and helping enterprise leaders to achieve supply chain and logistics excellence.

David Riddle

David Riddle

Deputy Group CEO

David joined the Logistics Bureau team in 2001, after gaining nine years of operational experience in the United Kingdom’s finance sector and subsequently relocating to Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have not heard of Logistics Bureau before. How do you market your business?

We’ve always employed a low-profile approach to marketing, with over 60% of our business made up of repeat engagements with clients who trust us. Of the remainder, 30% of our work comes from referrals, and a small percentage from inbound enquiries.

2. What fee structures do you utilise?

We can agree fees on a fixed basis or at a daily rate. Both methods are popular with our clients. The daily rate is ideal for implementation support and similar projects, as it allows flexibility in the number of consultant-days provided. For other project types, a fixed fee, based on an agreed outcome and project scope, is often preferred by our customers.

3. How do you calculate the fees for a project or assignment?

The first step in fee calculation is for us to scope and plan your project carefully. We consider this necessary to ensure that expectations are clear to all concerned.

Next we quantify the resources required and determine project time lines. Where appropriate, we execute two or three iterations of a proposal, to be absolutely certain we get it right.

All this detailed planning and prep comes at no cost to you, the client. We absorb the expenses, since we insist on such a high degree of detail in the planning, which is what enables us to offer a guarantee of positive results.

4. Do you work with us remotely, or on site in our business?

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, we realised that the way in which we provided our services would need to change. We therefore embarked on development of a new range of tools and services, enabling us to continue supporting our clients with the need to be physically present on their business premises.

Some of those services are outlined on this page, and they enable you to engage us as a remote source of support and help for your organisation. Of course, we still offer on-site consulting where it makes sense and where social distancing and other pandemic-related rules allow.

Ultimately, we can arrange to work with you in the way that’s most appropriate for your needs—from primarily being with your team on site, through a hybrid approach of on-site and remote consulting, to a 100% remote service.

5. Can you ensure value in return for the fees we will pay?

We’re always conscious that business leaders unused to working with consultants can have concerns about the return on investment when engaging external project resources. It’s only natural to wonder if you will receive real value from working with a company like ours.

Our CEO, Rob O’Byrne, offers a personal answer to address the concern, and by including his quote here, we hope that will answer this essential question.

Here is what Rob will be pleased to tell you if you speak with him in person:

“I offer you my personal assurance, that at Logistics Bureau, you will. The majority of our consulting assignments result in a payback for the client within six months. That’s why we have loyal customers, many of whom have been with us since we launched our business in July 1997.”



What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for your time so far in assisting Weston Milling develop a S&OP process for our Australian and New Zealand operations. Your broad industry knowledge, real life experiences and down to earth delivery of specific training courses has been a significant catalyst to successful implementation in our business. All training has been delivered on time and within budget, communication between Weston Milling and yourself has been exceptional. Feedback from training courses has been invaluable in determining individual branches cultural readiness for S&OP implementation.”

Greg Friedichs
S&OP Project Manager / Supply Chain Manager, Weston Milling

“Logistics Bureau specializes in warehousing networks, so it was a good fit there. Most supply chain companies, they try to cover the full breadth, but because it’s such a broad spectrum of disciplines, it’s hard to be very, very good in every single one.”

Craig Sutton
Gerard Lighting

“Really appreciate younger David who has very good personal skills side to work with my team as well as the customer. Offering the way to win from serving benefits to their customers.”

Vipas Paovarojkit
Friesland Campina, Thailand

“Logistics Bureau has a number of people that have worked in the industry, have managed 3PL contracts and actually been a 3PL service provider. Considers Logistics Bureau a very credible organisation in warehousing logistics and supply chain. ”

Alejandro Araujo
HealthShare, NSW

“Appreciates Logistics Bureau’s corporate giving program. It’s nice to see businesses take that responsibility. ”

Chris Dau
Independent Cement

“Vale Argentina conducted a global search for a supply chain consultancy that had the specific mining industry experience we required. This experience, which we found within Logistics Bureau, allowed us to explore the use of vehicle configurations not previously used in Argentina. Logistics Bureau was adaptive to our local environment and demonstrated an understanding of our industry and large-scale, remote location logistics. The valuable insights we gained from the project opened up unexpected options for us.”

Bruno Perrotta
Logistics Manager, Vale Argentina

“Lion Nathan have called on the services of Logistics Bureau many times over the years. We do this because quite simply they listen to what we need, and then help us achieve it; with great results in terms of cost and service for the business… Lion Nathan have found the implementation of sound S&OP processes a bit of a struggle over the years, but with the help of Logistics Bureau, the appropriate disciplines, and key stakeholder buy in, S&OP is now embedded in the business aligning people and functions and adding real value.”

George Bearzot
Logistics Director, Lion Nathan Australia

“We engaged Logistics Bureau for a review of our domestic freight and, three years later, we’ve completed our fourth supply chain project with them. They have broad experience across their team and have shown flexibility in adapting to our changing circumstances and needs.”

David Clare
Head of Supply Services ANZ, Reckitt Benckiser

“Logistics Bureau filled a critical niche as we progressed through a business start-up. Working to a tight schedule, they drafted a very sound contract for use with our transport service provider. The level of industry knowledge that they brought to the table gave us great confidence as we negotiated a successful agreement.”

Rob Whitbourne
MD, Independent Tubemills

“I have known and worked with Logistics Bureau for many years, particularly during my time as a senior executive at Siam City Cement Company in Bangkok. Logistics Bureau have consistently been able to bring just the expertise I was looking for and deliver outstanding commercial results.”

Theeraphon Kangwanpornsiri
Siam City Cement Company – Bangkok

“We employed Logistics Bureau to undertake a complete review of our supply chain. The moment we engaged them they added value to the business. Their knowledge and approach to analysing the issues ensured the review was on time and on budget. Logistics Bureau surpassed our expectations and we are still seeing the benefits today.”

Mark Fowler
General Manager – Retail, Campus Experience, Macquarie University

“I have known Logistics Bureau as a business and the Managing Director Rob O’Byrne personally for many years. They bring to our business the knowledge, experience, skills and professionalism that we need when seeking objective external assistance in Supply Chain and Logistics management matters. Their approach was very practical and clear enabling our organisations to implement their suggested strategies.”

Peter Lindner
Assistant Managing Director, Samitivej Public Company Limited – Samitivej Hospitals – Bangkok

“There’s only one Supply Chain Consultancy in the Region, I know of, that truly understands our industry. Rob and his team are all very experienced and all have operational supply chain back grounds, that’s the major difference between the Logistics Bureau and the others.”

Craig Hope-Johnstone
General Manager – Logistics, Australian Discount Retail

“Logistics Bureau has been our preferred supply chain management consulting business for 8 years as they have proven time and time again that they provide value for money solutions that hit the bottom line.”

Brian Robinson
Former Chief Executive Officer, George Weston Foods Baking Division – Australia

“Logistics Bureau were exceptional in their ability to engage our wider organisation in the change management process which ensure sustainable commercial results.”

Subi Nanthivarman
Commercial Manager, Bayer Healthcare

“I have known and used Logistics Bureau for many years and their ability to order complexity has led to sustainable commercial results time and time again.”

Craig Stokoe
Global Procurement & Logistics Manager, Aristocrat Industries – Australia

“Logistics Bureau is an excellent management consultancy, they don’t just come up with the plan, they deliver.”

Nigel Goode
Global Manager, Warehousing and Distribution,Maersk Logistics Denmark

“Logistics Bureau has been our preferred supply chain management consultant for 9 years because they continue to deliver sound commercial results.”

Tom Loncar
Supply Chain Manager, GSK Consumer Health

“Logistics Bureau were able to provide value and sound commercial results by assisting us in our complex supply chain modeling.”

Tim Ford
Former Supply Chain General Manager Fosters, Carlton United Breweries

“You did a wonderful job. I am willing to recommend you to everybody.”

Khun Surasak Jinapun
Gold City Footwear – Thailand

“Great work. A very well put together report. Fabulous.”

Tony Ryba
CEO, White International – Australia

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