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Logistics Outsourcing Specification

Don’t Make This Logistics Outsourcing Mistake

One of the critical mistakes we often see with Logistics Outsourcing is a lack of attention to the details.

And one of the essential documents during the outsourcing process is the Service Specification, sometimes called the SOW or Scope Of Work.

This document lays out very clearly the services to be provided, the processes to be used, the systems requirements and aspects such as how the contract will be managed.

Getting this document right helps both parties:


The Client

It ensures that the required services and service levels are clearly understood, thus avoiding any misunderstanding and cost ‘surprises’.


The 3PL

It allows the 3PL to assess their own capability for the required services and to accurately resource and cost the proposed solution.

I hope you find the suggested content list of value.

Use it as a bit of a checklist perhaps, when putting together your Logistics Outsourcing documentation.

I’m often asked how much detail is required.

Let me put it this way, as a very rough indicator. It’s going to be a lot more than 10 pages, often more than 20, but usually under 40.

Obviously, it depends on the size and complexity of the operations being outsourced.

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