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Logistics Outsourcing Webinar

All the Logistics Outsourcing Secrets you will ever need

60 Minute Free Webinar with Rob O’Byrne

Yes, my staff are telling me I’m nuts to share all this information!

I’ve been involved in almost 100 Logistics Outsourcing projects, either assisting the client or the 3PL, across most industries.

Those who ‘go it alone’ with Logistics Outsourcing can easily end up in trouble through the process or early in the life of the contract.

I really want to make sure you don’t make those mistakes.

This will be really helpful for 3PLs as well as clients or potential clients of 3PLs.

The webinar will be lively, interactive and full of ‘real life’ tips that you can use in your own Logistics Outsourcing programs and contracts.

I’ll be covering these elements and a lot more:

  • Why organisations outsource Logistics. Is it for you?
  • The critical stages and milestones involved.
  • A ‘live’ role play case study highlighting what can go wrong.
  • Sample projects plans.
  • Sample RFT (Request For Tender) plans.
  • How to pick vendors.
  • How to evaluate tender responses.

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