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Having been involved in Logistics Outsourcing projects for almost 20 years, I have seen all forms of stress and anxiety from the parties involved.

This rather ‘tongue in cheek’ video might ring a few alarm bells for you.  Why not take the test?



This is the Outsourcing Anxiety Test. This test will measure your anxiety about Logistics Outsourcing.

Please raise your hand if these apply to you. Are we agreed? Okay, then let’s begin.

Does the mere thought of managing an outsource relationship successfully make you feel tight in the pit of the stomach? Yes. It’s okay, it’s safe here.

Have you heard many stories of outsourcing hell but few of heaven? Yes.

Have you ever thought that your outsourcing provider might be ripping you off?

As a 3PL, have you ever felt that your outsourcing customer might be ripping YOU off?

Do you wish that you could see the real 3PL resources and costs for your contract, not just the reports that they decide to share with you?

Have you ever wished you knew what the difference was between a 3PL and 4PL?

Does the mere thought of outsourcing your warehousing or transport make you feel anxious?

Have you ever feared being caught out when your boss realises you know very little about logistics outsourcing? Don’t worry, it’s safe here.

Have you ever had that nagging doubt that you may have forgotten to include something in that vital request for tender but you have no idea what it was?

Have you every lain awake at night, mid implementation, thinking that it might all start to unravel and everyone’s going to be looking to you for the answer?

Do you worry that 6 months into the contract the logistics company will point to the fine print of the contract to explain whether prices are going up by 20%?

As a a 3PL, do you worry that 6 months into the contract you client will sheepishly tell you that their volumes have dropped by 30% and you realise now that the contract won’t even cover you operating costs?

Have you ever been really stressed at the challenge of trying to pick just the right 3PL for your business because it’s a decision you’ll have to live with for a very long time and it could be career limiting? Yes.

Have you every felt that the 3PL sales team did a great job on you but you still don’t know who they’re going to appoint to actually manage your contract? Yes.

Have you ever been told by the 3PL sales team that they know all about your industry and the unique challenges that you face but clearly, they didn’t?

Do you worry that your new 3PL client might be the client from hell but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Why?

As a 3PL, have you ever wondered that the potential client really understands the dynamics of their business and the impacts of their logistics costs?

As a 3PL, have you ever worried that this client clearly does not understand logistics outsourcing will work and the benefits it might raise for them? Yes.

As a client or potential client, do you worry about losing control of the operation? Of you products?

Have you ever worried that customer service will fall if you outsource? And were you right?

Have you ever thought that outsourcing successfully is just too hard and not worth it?

Don’t worry, everyone gets anxious like this at times. You’re not alone.

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