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Mr. Colin Airdrie, the LBA Managing Director, gives a short Video introduction to Logistics Bureau (Asia) and highlights our involvement in Logistics Consulting in South East Asia. (Logistics Bureau Headquarters is in Australia).

“My name is Colin Airdrie and I’m the managing director of Logistics Bureau Asia. LBA is a subsidiary of the Logistics Bureau Group whose headquarters is in Sydney, Australia. The Logistics Bureau website would tell you in more detail about our group. In particular, how we are the largest supply chain specific management consultancy in the Asia Pacific region. But what I would like to focus on in this video is specifically our involvement in Southeast Asia.

During the late 1990’s Logistics Bureau was conducting projects in Thailand on an individual basis, operating out of Australia. It became obvious that there was a potentially a significant market in Asia. But it was equally obvious that there was a need to introduce a local element into how we conducted our operations. And so in 2001, Logistics Bureau Asia Limited was registered in Thailand with a remit to develop business throughout the region.

Since then, we have conducted consultancy projects and training in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. The development of supply chain awareness and practices in this part of the world varies greatly from country to country. I have worked in the logistics sector for 39 years, with the last 13 years working as an employee and consultant in practically all of the countries I mentioned earlier, plus significant time in the People’s Republic of China.

I have come to accept that one cannot apply blanket solutions across all countries even when the problems may appear remarkably similar. One has to accept that local culture has a significant impact on how things are carried out and one ignores that at one’s peril.

In LBA, we are able to provide clients with the ideal mix of technical knowledge from developed logistics environments and an awareness of Asia’s cultural requirements. Our team in Bangkok is well qualified to carry out significant projects in its own right and does so frequently, but sometimes we need to supplement out abilities with expertise from specific industry sectors with which we, as individuals, may not fully conversant.

This is where we can draw upon support from our pool of some 40 Australian based consultants who can bring specific knowledge and experience into the execution of a project without diluting the Asian influence. This means that you, as our client based in Asia, can be assured that solutions that are alien to the way business is carried out in your operating environment are not forced upon you. We will provide the optimum solution which we feel will be realistic and sustainable yet provide the impetus to take your business ever forward.

Thank you for your time. Please get in touch if you require any more information.”

At Logistics Bureau – Logistics Management Consultants, we are passionate about helping people and organisations achieve Supply Chain Success, what ever that may be for you. We measure our own success by helping you:

  1. Reduce Supply Chain and Logistics costs.
  2. Improve Customer Service and Sales.
  3. Reach your career goals.

Logistics Bureau delivers reduced costs and improved service regardless of whether you have the best or worst Supply Chain in the sector!

And the typical project fee payback is under 3 months! We can help you too. Just check here for our office contact details around the region. You can talk directly to a senior member of staff.

Supply Chain Consultants Logistics Consultants Who deliver results!


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