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The 26th June marks the 16th Birthday of Logistics Bureau. And we’re recognising it in a very special way this year. More on that below.

Logistics Bureau Birthday

What an amazing ride it’s been. We’ve been reflecting on the last 16 years and how the business has grown from very humble beginnings to a group of 6 companies operating Internationally. And that success story is down to two very important groups of people.

  • Firstly, our wonderful clients, right across the Group, who continue to place their trust in us, to help them achieve their own success. A huge thank you.
  • And secondly, our team at Logistics Bureau Group, spread across 5 countries and doing an amazing job from the front office … to the back office. Thank you all.

And this year, I’d like to mark our Birthday in a very special way. As you may know, as a member of Buy One Give One, we like to integrate giving into our everyday business activities. Small gifts can make huge impacts in peoples lives.

So to mark our 16th Birthday, we have selected a few worthy causes around the World that really resonate with us and have given to them featuring the number 16. Here they are:

  • Fed 16 children for a week in an immigrant camp in Thailand. (Childs Dream Association)
  • Educated 160 disabled children for a day in Nepal. (World Youth International)
  • Gave clean water to 1,600 people for a day in Ethiopia (Well Wishers Trust)
  • Adopted 1,600 trees for a year in Khao Yai National Park in Thailand. (Healthy Planet Foundation)
  • Saved 16 m2 of Rainforest in the Daintree in Australia. (Rainforest Rescue)
  • Provided vitamins to 1,600 Children to prevent Child Blindness Prevention in Kenya. (New Ways)
  • Gave a chicken to 16 families in Kenyan (the eggs supplement their food). (World Youth International)
  • Gave a Guinea Pig to 16 families in Peru (they are bred as a source of food) (World Youth International)
  • Gave access to a playground for a month for 160 children in Cambodia (Childs Dream Association)
  • Provided a solar lamp for a day for 160 children in India (Parijat Academy)

If you’re at the Smart Conference in Sydney, come and say Hi.

We’ll be celebrating our Birthday at the Industry Dinner on the 27th (Look for the Supply Chain School table)

You can read more about our Charity work with B1G1 here:

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600,000 and still going

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