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WOW!  Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun.

We’ll be doing a few things in the coming months to celebrate our Birthday.

But this one is the most important.    (read down to find your ‘gift’)

Because without the support of our fantastic consulting clients, our Academy members, our consulting and back office staff and of course our industry colleagues and friends we would not have enjoyed such a wonderful ‘first’ 20 years.

So thank you all for your support, whether it has been for 20 years, or just the last 20 days!

Without you, Logistics Bureau would not have turned into such a great success story.

Last week I emailed everyone on our database, and on behalf of each person, we donated sight saving vitamins to 20 children in East Africa.

That’s 20 kids we were able to help, for everyone on our contact list.  That’s a lot of people! And a lot of kids!

(read on…….yours is coming)

And our team back at the office also selected these additional Birthday gifts from Logistics Bureau:

  • Provide 20 weeks of IT and English training for children in remote Aboriginal communities in Australia
  • Plant 20 trees in the Daintree Rainforest in Australia.
  • Provide 20 weeks of education for kids in crisis in Vietnam.
  • Provide 20 months of access to solar lighting for a remote community in Cambodia
  • Plant 20 trees in Central Borneo to help regenerate Orangutan habitats.
  • Provide a Goat to 20 Kenyan families (provides family income)
  • Provide 20 months of education for orphaned children in Thailand
  • Provide meals and orphanage equipment for 20 homeless children in Davao City (Philippines)

But I forgot to give on behalf of YOU, all our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube followers too!

Any excuse to boost our giving to reach our next milestone ?

So now for YOU, we’ll donate on your behalf, fresh life-saving water to 20 people in Ethiopia.  (we fund well building)

That will be a lot of people, and a lot of water!

At Logistics Bureau it’s all about people.  Three groups of people. Our clients, our staff and helping those in need.

So with your support, we have reached well over 3 million micro giving impacts!

Next milestone is 4 million!  We’re getting very very close….

You can check our progress here:

Thank you again for your support.

And we’re really looking forward to the next 20 years!


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